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Depos Id – Read Also: First in Bali, Tegal Traditional Village Launches BRI Depot Identification Machine LPD hopes that public confidence in LPD will grow.


Gianyar, – BRI Bank provides convenience to village lenders (LPDs) all over Bali. It provides a machine that allows financial institutions to deposit money easily with a security guarantee. This tool was first introduced by LPD Tegal Badung.




Depos Id

Depos Id

LPD can adhere to a number of conditions, said Yanuwar Muhammad, head of Capem WR Supartman and head of BRI Bank. First, you must have a BRI account and pay the rental fee. “We have a free program. The condition is that you have to deposit money into the ID machine every day, and not withdraw from another bank, and then just deposit at the Bank for International Settlements in the ID machine,” he said. Friday 10/27/2023 WR Supartman in Denpasar MP’s office.

Perwakilan Bank Bri Renon Berikan Kemudahan Pada Semua Lpd Bali Dengan Mesin, Gratis Sewa Bagi Lpd

In addition to having a BRI account, deposits must be made daily with BRI and not other banks. “The convenience provided will improve the operational capabilities of the LPD. There is no need to pull it out as it is fast and effective, just insert it into the device,” he said.

This device can also detect counterfeit money. He explained: “It goes directly into the machine, and it can identify counterfeit money and can separate it automatically.”

In fact, there is no need to rearrange funds. Thousands and hundred thousand separator. “So all the bills go straight to the machine and can be read instantly,” he said.

The capacity can reach 20 thousand sheets. This means that funds with a nominal value of IDR 50-100 thousand can reach up to IDR 1 billion.

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“LPD is very useful. Just trying to sort through the money can take an hour. Also, money from the market, dirty money, well, it’s easy to do in the car,” he said.

He also mentioned that BIS already has a pilot project in LPD Tegal. For those who wish to recycle, the device can be recycled within one month immediately after activation. “Because the car came from Jakarta. From ordering the car to real-time delivery, everything can be done within two weeks,” he explained.

This machine is also equipped with a bar code. “Customers can deposit directly into the machine. As long as the customer is a regular customer who frequently deposits money, we will create a special user ID. Then there will be no need to go to the cashier,” he explained.

Depos Id

This car is said to be the perfect choice for LPD. “We hope that LPD friends will be able to take advantage of the BIS facilities. The conditions are easy, just visit the nearest BRI or call Made Andriani Primayanti-082146345977, Renon branch,” he concluded. (Njakan Sowardika)

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