Why You Shouldn’t Miss Car Rental Insurance When Renting A Car In California


Why You Shouldn’t Miss Car Rental Insurance When Renting A Car In California – If you know me, I don’t usually blog like this. Most of the time I continue with a statement like: public transport is the best way to enjoy the country‚Ķ. I love bus trips and scenic train trips, traveling in America with Amtrak and Megabus, Italy with buses, Europe with Interrail, Russia with trains… Do you think I would recommend a train or bus in Norway this time? ? Here, not in his time, not in Norway. Honestly, if you plan to stay in big cities, it’s better to use public transport. However, if you don’t plan to visit the fjords and countryside, ask yourself: why are you going to Norway? Here are 7 reasons to avoid public transport in Norway. 1. Public transport in Norway is expensive.


Now we rent a car for 7 days… it costs NOK 2211 if you book early (1 month in advance) from Argus Car Hire. That’s 315 NOK per day… so it’s a lot cheaper to do this trip alone. Sure, you have tolls and gas to pay…but the bonus point is that you get a lot of flexibility. Also, if you have travel companions, the cost of renting a car can be less than NOK 100 per day.




Why You Shouldn’t Miss Car Rental Insurance When Renting A Car In California

2. Railway coverage. Rare is not the right word, but Norway’s railway system is not as extensive as in Western Europe. As you can see in the attached screenshot below, all the railways are concentrated in the east, only Bergen and Stavanger have train stations on the west coast, and most importantly, there is no direct train between these two stations!

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Of course, you can argue that there are ferries, and you can use a combination of buses and ferries to travel from Bergen to Stavanger. OK, but it’s very difficult.

While relaxing in a hotel lobby in Stavanger, I overheard a conversation between two groups of elderly people. The group spoke of their experience of being “scammed” by a bus company. Apparently they booked a bus ride to Pulpit Rock, but because the bus stopped at the ferry terminal they spent a lot of money on the ferry (paid the bus company) and then missed the other side… finally decided to give it a miss. . A hike. Another group suggested that people should not get off the bus as the bus may stop suddenly to accommodate more passengers. That’s what I think, the logical explanation is that these tour groups got confused … the driver didn’t stop them from getting off the bus, maybe because he wasn’t following the passengers. Well, I can’t say.

3. A car is the best way to get around the countryside. Because even if you’ve arrived in Bergen by public transport, you’ll still need to transfer to a bus or cruise to get to the fjord.

4. You have all the freedom and flexibility, with stunning views all around, it’s natural to want to stop every 5 minutes, the trigger closes like a chestnut… When you’re on a bus or train, you’re completely ripped off. This designation.

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5. Time is always on your side For some people, the unforgettable sight of a golden moment makes a trip truly epic. When the sun sets at 11pm and rises at 2am, you can’t rely on public transport.

6. LOW ACCOMMODATION FEES I think we all know very well that cheap accommodation is far away from tourist spots. In some cases it may be outside the city. That’s why a rental car is a great splurge when you consider how much you can save on accommodation.

7. Driving here is not too difficult. If you are good at driving on the right side, driving in Norway is very easy as all the roads are well maintained. Some seem new to me! The road isn’t too busy either, maybe because of the high cost of cars and fuel… anyway I agree that driving through tunnels and hairpin bends is an adrenaline rush.

Thanks for reading! This post is only based on my honest opinion or personal experience. If you disagree, share your thoughts with me by commenting below! Renting a car is a huge convenience compared to waiting for public transportation or paying for a taxi every time you want to travel beyond walking distance. However, hidden costs can take a toll on your wallet if you’re not aware of them. This list will help you prepare.

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When you rent a car, you get expensive insurance options like collision damage exclusion and liability insurance. Together, they cost between $30 and $60 per day. Before taking on this expensive option, ask yourself if you really need additional rental car insurance. Your personal car insurance can provide adequate cover for your rental car.

Also, many credit cards offer secondary insurance when you pay for a rental car with your card, and some credit cards offer primary rental car insurance. But be sure before you undertake it. Some credit cards limit coverage, while others offer none. Call and check first. You may be able to save on additional renter’s insurance costs.

When you call to check your credit card’s rental car policy, ask specifically what it covers. Some credit card companies may reimburse you for damage to the rental car, but not the rental company’s fees. These fees may increase. If you decide you need additional coverage, you can choose temporary car insurance, a type of short-term insurance that protects you for a limited period of time.

Even if all your drivers are over 25 years old, you can pay a fee for each registered driver when you rent a car. Think carefully about how many controllers you need. Choose one or both to avoid extra fees.

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Car rental companies did not even allow drivers under the age of 21. Most allow this these days, but a new driver’s experience can take a heavy toll

It’s easy to miss some details when the rental car representative walks you through the company’s policies. There’s one thing you’ll definitely want to be aware of: most companies prohibit using their cars on unpaved roads. If you purchase collision damage insurance or other rental car insurance, it will be voided if you drive on gravel or unpaved roads. Stay on the road without having to pay for your off-road adventures.

One stop is essential if you want to return your rental car, and that is the local gas station. Most rental companies require a full tank when returning the car. If not, refills will have to be paid for. And rental car companies charge much more for gas than local gas prices.

If you rent a car at the airport terminal, you will have to pay airport tax. Car rental companies pass these surcharges on to the customer at the airport, so you can’t avoid the fee if you rent at the airport. However, you can take a shuttle bus and rent a car outside the airport.

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It’s the little things in life that count, and that’s the case with rental cars. Do you need a child seat or GPS system? Do you want to listen to the radio? Get ready and save big. You can easily pay $5 a day for satellite radio and other daily fees for a child safety seat or GPS system. Pack your travel expenses and make sure the rental company picks them up

You can enjoy the convenience of a rental car without the unexpected fees once you’re ready and in. Do a little research and ask a lot of questions so you know exactly what you’re getting in the online market for a year and a half. Not long, but oh…how things have changed! Throughout the year we have received a lot of feedback on our car rental solution from a significant number of clients and client projects. We are good at many things and one of them is definitely taking care of our customers. We have taken many requested features and turned them into improvements to our car rental website solution.

We’ve grown a lot since version 1.0.0. We released some interim versions of the car rental website to bring it to where it is today. We tried to give you a chance

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