Unlocking Business Potential: Marketing Strategies With Hosting Gator


Unlocking Business Potential: Marketing Strategies With Hosting Gator – What will take B2B events to the next level? What elements make them truly memorable experiences that stick in people’s minds long after they’re over? Questions like these should be on your mind as you consider your B2B event marketing strategy.


Your best B2B event marketing strategy won’t be successful without alignment with event goals. It covers how your B2B lead generation ideas fit into the bigger picture and lead to more conversions.




Unlocking Business Potential: Marketing Strategies With Hosting Gator

From product demonstrations to virtual marketing ideas, to leveraging and maintaining customer loyalty, we’ve rounded up the latest ideas for your B2B event marketing strategy, with bonus insight from one of the leading voices driving your event. Regina Yuen, director of global space and events.

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Major events are not accidental: they are executed after thorough planning. You’re not just there to run an event, but to reach your goals. A key goal in B2B event marketing is to generate as many leads as possible.

As you brainstorm the types of B2B event marketing to use to reach your goals, keep the following questions in mind:

Establishing your goals before starting a project will make the process smoother. Each step will help you understand why you need it and how it directly contributes to your goals.

Whether you’ve been running successful events for a few years or are just starting to explore the possibility, consider how virtual and hybrid event trends have changed the needs of brands and customers over the past few years. What virtual marketing ideas can you use for your events, whether hybrid or direct?

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Registration of all resources completes your activity. The more inclusive and thoughtful, the more your audience will pay attention and respond accordingly.

Do you want to keep your goals and everyone on your team working towards the same goal? Download the comprehensive short event template now. Innovative B2B event marketing strategy ideas will knock your event out of the park

Based on your defined event goals, combine these innovative B2B event marketing strategy ideas to find ways that work for your unique brand and event type.

While there are many inspirations for B2B events, knowing your audience will help you quickly determine which ideas work for you and which don’t. That’s why it’s important to first define your goals for a successful lead generation campaign.

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This may not be a new B2B event marketing idea, but today it might be a little different with so many options going virtual. Support with a big name partner will make your campaign explode. Think about the list of events you want to attend this year: What appeals to you? See a favorite speaker? Does a sponsor list build credibility for a new or small company you’ve never heard of?

It’s comforting to see a brand partner with someone you love. Historically, major partnerships like Starbucks and Spotify or Apple and Nike have been smart combinations that enhance the customer experience and help both partners increase their potential for success.

Today, partners can range from well-known brands to social media favorites. Look to your audience for guidance on this.

For more ideas on how to promote your event, check out our 41 online event promotion ideas. B2B Event Marketing Idea #2) “Go Live” with Product Demonstrations

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Product demos are common at B2B events these days, so it helps to leverage that great exposure for inspiration. Remember when Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone? Or when the first Kindle came out? Seeing the product in action helps visitors visualize how it works – and ensures you provide plenty of examples, applications and scenarios to inspire them.

Some classic productions have been performed on stage, so there’s plenty of personal inspiration. However, if you’re considering a virtual or hybrid move, there are plenty of ways to go over the program with video and event platform software.

It gives you creative freedom to showcase the best features of your product and create interactive experiences for your audience.

Regina Yuen, director of Skift Events, wants to prevent travel companies from feeling “salesy” at their events, where sponsors can chat in the audience without selling anything.

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“We have a lot of brands that really want to talk and have ten minutes of stage time,” says Yuen. “But it’s not the pitch, it’s the insight they provide.”

To learn how to throw a successful product launch, check out our blog post on how to plan a product launch in 7 steps [+ 15 Product Launch Campaigns Worth Stealing]. B2B Event Marketing Idea #3) Use an event app for continuous engagement

Put this on top of your B2B campaign marketing strategy ideas. When it comes to keeping your attendees informed, engaged and engaged, an event app is second to none. These apps allow you to create a unique, well-branded presence with timelines, messages, bios, exclusive content, videos, web and more. Of course, it can be accessed anytime from your smartphone.

Event apps are definitely not just for virtual or hybrid events. It’s a great tool for personal engagement, and it includes relevant notifications, hashtags, and themes.

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For other event engagement ideas, read Four Best Practices for Blended Events to Increase Audience Engagement. B2B Event Marketing Idea #4) Let your clients and customers make decisions and have their say

When we say let your clients and customers do the talking, we don’t mean on your event platform or online – although those are important. How about giving them a platform to talk and share experiences and experiences?

Give your guests a platform to talk about the topics they know best, taking interaction and engagement to a new level. You can make your employees and customers happy when you introduce them. You will gain both knowledge and a new platform.

What if you signed up your customers to talk about how they use your product or service at your event? Their stories or unique ways of using the product make the campaign more real and relatable with long-term results.

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Don’t wait for the event to start so your visitors can say something. Yuen says her team has had great success with pre-event surveys of guests to decide what topics to discuss.

“We found that attendees were happy to come up with topics they would like to discuss for our future events. So we put it together and went back to our editors and said, “Okay, this is a topic that our visitors want to dig into and learn more about. “It’s good for us because they talk to us and we always try to listen to them,” Yuen said.

Who is VIP? Decide who is right for your B2B event marketing strategy! Consider offering special VIP tickets that give you exclusive access to speakers, content or opportunities. Perhaps your VIPs can access virtual content after the event, get one-on-one opportunities, or participate in quirky small group activities.

Think about what content you can take to the next level when VIP guests drive sales for you. If you want VIP access to certain influencers or visitors, they can give you social media.

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Also, don’t underestimate the power of your content. Especially if you use a virtual event platform that has the features you need. Watch your last event for free to get you interested in your next event.

“What we call SkiftPro and SkiftResearch, you have to subscribe monthly or annually,” says Yuen. “We usually offer special discounts to those people at all our events. But because events demand it, we gave these users free access to our previous event at our summit. By looking at how the previous event went, we found out that they exist. May register for the next event.

Could use a network update. Provide participants with ice breakers and create more meaningful connections through creative ways to encourage meetings and discussions. Informal networking opportunities — such as happy hours and trivia nights hosted by Seattle Young Professionals — can create a fun, stress-free way to get to know your coworkers and other companies.

You can combine volunteer activities, games, fitness or food events as a unique way to bring people together and help them get to a level of comfort and familiarity before mixing things up.

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If your event is virtual or hybrid, create a breakout room where small groups of like-minded people can chat.

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