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Truck Accident Lawyer Oil Rig Accident Attorney – Offshore work and manufacturing is an important part of the US economy. Export, cargo, oil drilling, shipbuilding – the maritime industry is an important part of business and commerce. Unfortunately, as important as these jobs are, they are also among the most dangerous in the world.


Maritime workers are at high risk of accidents and injuries at sea, from minor accidents to catastrophic failures. Below, the offshore accident attorneys at Cherker Garcia, LLP discuss the wide range of accidents and injuries that affect marine workers. We also explain why it is important to have a professional maritime lawyer on your side.




Truck Accident Lawyer Oil Rig Accident Attorney

Offshore drilling can be a dangerous job, and workers who work in offshore areas are exposed to a variety of hazards. Some of the common accidents faced by workers in outdoor areas include:

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To prevent these accidents, employers must prioritize worker safety and provide proper training, safety equipment, and maintenance of equipment and facilities. Regular safety inspections and drills can help reduce the risk of accidents in coastal areas.

Offshore drilling can be a dangerous profession, and injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Not all accidents or incidents are catastrophic, but they can still result in injuries to those involved. Some of the common injuries experienced by seafarers include:

It is important that employers take steps to ensure the safety of their employees, including proper training, provision of safety equipment and adequate medical care in the event of an injury.

In addition to the usual accidents and injuries that affect offshore workers, there is also the potential for large-scale catastrophic marine accidents. Over the past decades, a series of marine accidents have caused loss of life, injury and environmental damage. Some of these events include:

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In February 2023, the jack-up drilling rig, Pero Negro 6, ran aground off the coast of Angola. One of the three-legged rig collapsed while digging. One crew member was missing and six others were injured. The rig eventually sank in 40 meters of water.

In 2012, gas leaked from the Elgin platform in the North Sea, displacing workers and causing a major environmental hazard. The leak was caused by a malfunction in the pressure control system. It took 51 days to close the leak, which released 200-400 cubic meters of natural gas.

In 2010, an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil well caused oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico. The force of this explosion claimed the lives of 11 people and caused widespread destruction in the area. 210,000,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, causing harm to the environment, wildlife, tourism and local communities.

In 2009, an explosion occurred at the West Atlas drilling rig in the Timor Sea off the coast of Australia, causing an oil spill and environmental damage. The explosion was significant enough to completely destroy the fuel tank. It took workers 10 weeks to cap the well, which spilled 400,000 barrels of oil into the ocean. Although no workers were injured, the incident had a significant impact on the environment and economy.

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In 1988, the Piper Alpha oil rig explosion in the North Sea killed 167 people and is considered the worst offshore oil rig disaster in history. The explosion was caused by a number of factors, including a leak in the condenser line, a failure of the safety system, and a build-up of flammable gas. 61 workers were evacuated before the rig capsized and sank.

These incidents are just a few examples of the dangers of the maritime industry. Many of the causes of these incidents are human error or a lack of proper monitoring and safety protocols. These accidents highlight the importance of safety protocols and proper equipment maintenance in offshore drilling operations.

Risks are always present when working in the marine industry. However, there are safety rules that owners, operators and supervisors must follow to promote a safe work environment. Marine injuries can be prevented by following proper safety practices and protocols. Here are some steps you can take to prevent sea injuries:

By implementing these measures, marine injuries can be reduced and personnel can be protected. It is important that employers prioritize safety in offshore operations to prevent accidents and injuries.

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Seafarers who are injured while working at sea are entitled to benefits and compensation under maritime laws. It is important that seafarers understand their rights and responsibilities. Taking the following steps after an accident or injury can help mariners get the help they need:

It is imperative that seafarers take appropriate action after an injury. Following the proper protocol and obtaining legal guidance can properly protect workers and ensure they receive appropriate compensation for their injuries.

Workers engaged in maritime activities are entitled to maritime laws such as the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. These laws allow injured workers the ability to file lawsuits against owners, operators, employers, or other parties whose negligence caused injuries.

Maritime law is complex, and there are many factors that determine the rights and laws that apply to workers, such as work, employment and injury conditions. Working with an experienced maritime accident attorney can help maritime workers understand their rights and recovery options. Additionally, an attorney can help ensure that all claims are handled properly, with the best interests of the employee in mind.

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At Herger Garcia, we are committed to getting seafarers the help they need. If you have been injured on a ship, oil rig, rig or mooring, we can help you explore your options for compensation.

Our attorneys have spent decades holding negligent employers and shipowners accountable. We are not afraid to deal with complex maritime issues or to compete with major maritime companies.

This article was written and reviewed by injury trial attorney and firm partner Steve Sercher. Steve has been practicing as a personal injury attorney for over 30 years. He has won over $300 million in settlements and verdicts for his clients. He is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom and the lawyer you want on your side if you or someone you love is seriously injured.

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Your content goes here. Edit or remove inline text or block content settings. You can customize any aspect of the content in the module’s design settings and apply custom CSS to the module’s advanced settings. That’s according to US data. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the death rate of oil and gas workers is 6 times higher than that of other industries. Although approximately 75% of oil deaths are related to trucks and vehicles, 50% of those seriously burned or injured in an accident or explosion work on well sites.

Although long hours, volatile hydrocarbons and gas, and dangerous drilling equipment make oil rigs a dangerous job, many oil and gas companies want to speed up production. Along with hazardous conditions, the fatigue caused by long hours and constant pressure to produce increases the likelihood that rig workers will experience serious or fatal injuries on the job.

When disaster strikes, oil workers across America turn to the undefeated oil attorneys at Zehl & Associates to help protect their futures, hold companies accountable, and get the best medical care available.

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Not only have our undefeated oil spill lawyers won billions for catastrophically injured, severely burned and tragically killed oil and gas workers associated with some of the worst oil spills, explosions and accidents in history. close.

We have consistently won the #1 largest jurisdiction and settlement in America. It is. Texas history and institutional history against us, including:

Our mining and drilling accident attorneys are able to win record recoveries for our clients time and time again because:

From finding and scheduling the best doctors and medical providers to help create financial plans and trusting their family’s future, injured oil workers know they can rely on our undefeated oilfield attorneys to provide assistance. they need while their cases are ongoing and long after that. It has been successfully resolved

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If you or a loved one is injured or tragically dies in a rig leak, explosion, or oil field accident, don’t rely on an oil company or its insurance to do the right thing and protect your future.

No matter how much they say or how strongly they promise that they are “right,” the truth is that your employer, his insurance company, and their teams of lawyers will do everything they can to avoid liability. Avoid paying.

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