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Truck Accident Lawyer Iowa – Our Des Moines, IA car accident attorneys have years of experience reviewing and analyzing car accident scenes and turning what may seem like a hopeless case into a win. If you have been injured in an accident, you have questions and concerns. Common questions we get include:


You probably have many other questions. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to get the answers you need.




Truck Accident Lawyer Iowa

Whether it’s a soft tissue injury, fracture, brain injury, or any other type of injury, our experienced personal injury attorneys are ready to help.

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Iowa uses modified comparative negligence to determine who is “at fault” for an accident. This means that if you are in an accident and are found to be twenty percent at fault, your settlement or penalty will be reduced to your percentage of fault (20%) and the other driver will be responsible for their percentage (80%). %). ). %).

For example, if you get a verdict for $100,000.00 and are found 20% at fault, your penalty would be $80,000.00. There are other factors that affect the “clean verdict” and the example above only shows the percentage of the defect.

This method of comparing fault is valid unless you are found to be more at fault for the accident than the other driver. If you are found even 50.0001 percent guilty, you will get nothing back.

In part, because of how Iowa courts view liability, hiring an experienced attorney is critical. Often the smallest details or evidence can make the difference between a successful case and a lost one.

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Evidence is key to a successful resolution of any type of case, and car accidents are no exception. After the injury, get the names and numbers of all witnesses. Accident witnesses are great, but witnesses who saw the first few minutes before or after the accident can be invaluable.

Police often speak to witnesses, but their names and numbers will not appear in the police report, so it’s important to have your own records. Don’t get involved with the police, but be sure to tell them anything you think is important. It’s hard to go back and change your police report, so make sure you do it the first time!

Take pictures of everything: your car, other cars, witnesses, the road, skid marks, obstacles, the other driver’s insurance card, and more. If you forget to take a photo in the confusion after an accident, you can always go back and take photos of any evidence that may still be there, such as debris and skid marks.

Even if you are unable to collect any evidence due to injury or other reasons, call us now to continue the work of collecting available evidence.

New State Laws Make It Harder To Sue Trucking Companies After Crashes

Today, we see an increase in the number of people injured due to distracted driving by strangers. Whether they’re distracted drivers talking on the phone or texting (“inexted” drivers), these people are on our roads. The tragedy of such accidents is that they are usually completely preventable. Our Des Moines car accident attorneys have handled many of these “distracted driving” cases. Oftentimes, at-fault drivers claim they weren’t using their phones, but with the use of a subpoena, we can often obtain their phone records and prove that they were indeed using their devices. Such arguments often lead to the right results for our clients.

Another common accident we handle is a rear-end accident, which usually occurs when a person stops at a traffic light or stop sign and another driver inadvertently hits the back of a stopped vehicle. People can and do get hurt in rear end accidents, and our personal injury attorneys are well versed in the law surrounding them. True, sometimes such cases can be simple, and in other cases, impact, property damage, relative weight of the car and passengers, etc. you need to hire a disaster restorer for an assessment. Regardless of the complexity, our personal injury attorneys can guide you through it.

Other very common types of accidents include intersection accidents where one person turns and the other continues straight through the intersection. Often times, intersection failures result in a classic T-shaped accident that can be very serious.

As with all cases, it’s important to talk to witnesses and start building your case as soon as possible. In addition to witnesses, you can often get traffic camera and traffic light sequence reports if you act quickly.

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Des Moines car accident attorney Residents Trust has successfully represented people injured when the owner of another vehicle failed to properly secure their cargo, and people injured when an unprotected object injured an innocent person.

As you can imagine, the list of different types of accidents is almost endless, and almost all of them are the result of the negligence of one or more parties. This is regardless of whether you are involved in a car accident or run off the road on I-235.

However, not all traffic accidents are caused by the fault of the driver, but rather by a faulty part of the vehicle. In such cases, the injured party can file a “product liability” lawsuit. In some cases, vehicles may have been recalled due to one of these faulty components.

Interestingly, the time of year affects the number of accidents we see. Many people believe that winter is the time of year with the highest number of car accidents, and this is only partly true. When we see an increase in accidents, their severity, and therefore injuries, they are generally lower than what we see at other times of the year.

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Experience has shown that during the winter months, many drivers drive their vehicles with a sense of danger such as snow, ice and other vehicles. Therefore, drivers are more careful and slow, which often reduces injuries and property damage in accidents.

Contrast the slippery winter months with spring and summer, when drivers prefer the open road; The windows are down, the radio is on and the wind is blowing in her hair. In such situations, drivers are less aware of their surroundings, speed higher, and suffer serious injuries if an accident occurs.

The types of car accidents that people experience are as varied as the types of injuries they sustain. Our law firm handles injuries ranging from whiplash to death.

While car accidents are inevitable, there are some things you can do to help reduce the risk. Most of the items on the above list are reasonable suggestions, but they’re worth repeating if they help keep even one person safe. Personal injury car accidents caused by fatigued driving are tragic and completely preventable. However, simple fatigue is not the only condition that can cause accidents. There are many other similar mental states that cause accidents.

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Speeding is when a driver misjudges their actual speed or slows down dangerously. Speeding is often caused by long trips at high speeds, such as those on Iowa highways.

Road hypnosis, also known as “white line fever,” is a condition in which a driver can drive and apparently perform all the driving tasks required of him later. The driver does not remember. . For those activities. This condition may be due to the “automaticity” that allows the conscious mind to focus on one thing while the unconscious mind focuses on something else.

“Brad Biren and his entire staff have been great to work with. You can trust Brad to provide you with the best professional services. He is a compassionate listener who will be honest and communicative with you so you know what to expect from the process. If you need to find a personal injury attorney, having someone with Brad Biren’s integrity and ethical character on your team will make the process much easier.” – Regus H.

After your injuries have been treated, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation where we will take as much time as necessary to review your evidence and the facts of your case to determine the best course of action.

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Our attorneys will work hard to develop the evidence necessary to prove how the accident happened, and we will also work hard to prove the full extent of your injuries and related damages. Let’s focus on the details to focus on recovery.

Regardless of how your accident happened, whether it happened in Iowa, or whether you were injured, contact us by email or

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