Truck Accident Lawyer Detroit


Truck Accident Lawyer Detroit – Injured in a Detroit truck accident? Your attorney is here to help you recover from the injuries you suffered due to someone else’s negligence.


Commercial truck accidents can kill quickly. For a moment you’re driving on the freeway, doing everything you can to stay safe. Next time something goes wrong and you get hurt because of it.




Truck Accident Lawyer Detroit

If someone causes a serious injury due to negligence, the injured person can get a lawyer, as is the case in Pazner Law. Your Detroit truck accident attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Michigan Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents cause a level of suffering to thousands of victims every year. After an accident, your injuries can take months or years to recover from—if you ever recover from them.

For example, you may suffer a serious brain injury in an accident. These injuries damage the body’s control center, affecting memory, mobility and focus. A brain injury causes you to lose an important part of your brain function, losing your ability to work or even live independently. Traumatic brain injuries are common but devastating.

Spinal cord injuries can also limit your mobility. As the messenger between the brain and the body, damage to the spine can limit or prevent the body from sending and receiving messages from the brain. All too often, a spinal cord injury makes your life indistinguishable from what you once enjoyed. Regardless of the specific injuries you suffered in a truck accident, you know two things are true: life is tougher than ever, and other people are responsible.

At Pazner Law, we evaluate your truck accident claim for free after the accident. Then we will work to fight to get you the highest possible monetary compensation for your injuries. Truck accident injuries are devastating, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

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Think you don’t have the knowledge you need to pay for your injuries? If your accident caused injury or trauma, the attorneys at Pazner Law can fight for you to receive maximum compensation for your injuries, such as:

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to know what caused your accident before you can find the party at fault. Truck accidents can be complicated, and can involve other vehicles and drivers.

Identifying the responsible party is an important step in a truck accident claim, allowing you to file a claim against the responsible party for your injuries.

Even if the truck driver caused your injuries, they may not be financially responsible. However, the trucking company that employs you may be held liable for any injuries or damages you suffer as a result of the truck driver’s negligence.

Detroit Truck Accident Lawyer & Attorney

But because truck accidents are so complicated, it is possible that the other driver was at fault for the injuries. For example, another driver may be distracted, causing an accident with the commercial truck. They can be held responsible for the damage they cause. A truck accident attorney can help you get paid fairly by your insurance company.

In cases where mechanical failure is the cause of the accident, we can file a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer. If a company fails to produce a safe product, an experienced attorney can help you hold the wronged party accountable for their actions through a product liability claim.

At Pazner Law, we are committed to securing full compensation for your injuries. If the at-fault party doesn’t pay, our Detroit truck accident attorneys with Pazner can help you get paid, starting with a free consultation. If you have been injured and are ready to speak with one of our attorneys, call 313-822-2244 or fill out the online contact form below to speak with an attorney, free of charge and without obligation. Large commercial trucks can cause major hazards on highways. It takes a dedicated truck driver with experience to operate a commercial truck safely on the road. However, with the high-demand trucking industry, commercial vehicle drivers face busy schedules and long hours.

The experienced truck accident attorneys at the Mike Morse Personal Injury Law Firm are here for you. When you ask our truck accident company, we work hard to answer all your questions, and when we take your case, we go the extra mile to get you the full compensation you deserve as an accident victim.

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After contacting an experienced personal injury attorney for a free consultation, you can recover physically and emotionally from a serious injury. Our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which does not guarantee fees until your injury claim or lawsuit is resolved.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi truck accident due to the negligence or reckless behavior of a truck driver in the Detroit area, contact the Law Offices of Mike Morse today at 855-MIKE-WINS.

Choosing our law firm offers many benefits, such as our compassion and commitment to you as a client. Our law firm fights to keep you and your family members safe on Detroit’s highways and surrounding areas. At the Mike Morse Law Firm, our attorneys have years of experience obtaining results from tractor-trailer accidents, and we can help truck accident victims obtain maximum compensation.

Get peace of mind knowing your tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler case is in good hands by choosing a car accident attorney at the Mike Morse Law Firm. If you have suffered a personal injury caused by a semi truck accident, contact our truck accident law firm today at 855-MIKE-WINS for an initial consultation.

Detroit Truck Accident Lawyers

Here are the steps to ensure you get the best possible financial compensation for your big rig truck case.

When a semi-truck accident occurs, we want and need to know why. By examining collision and accident scenes, legal teams and accident investigators can help determine who is liable for punitive damages after a large truck accident by combining the following evidence:

The semi-truck accident attorneys at the Mike Morse Law Firm will work with other experienced experts to discover the cause of the truck accident and the extent of possible injuries. If your 18 wheeler accident case is caused by negligence, drunk driving, delayed response or reaction time, punctured tires, poor maintenance, disregard of safety regulations, speed, truck manufacturer’s fault, or any other cause, we will hit the ground running when we take in Case of a big rig accident.

After an 18-wheeler accident or other vehicle accident involving a commercial driver, it is important to seek legal advice to ensure that evidence is not destroyed. When the law firm of Mike Morse takes on your truck accident case, we do our due diligence by directly contacting the trucking company with a “Letter of Intent” to request all log books and other important evidence.

Weather Impacting Fault And Liability In Car Accidents

If the trucking company does not comply, the trucking accident injury lawyer can request a court order to compel the company to provide the evidence necessary to proceed with the case and find violations of the rules of the road.

We fight aggressively and will negotiate aggressively to find you the best results you deserve when dealing with a great trucking company. We put a strong case for now for the insurance company and get a reasonable settlement offer for the plaintiff that includes medical expenses and lost wages due to minors, injuries or serious injuries.

If necessary, our trial lawyers are prepared to take your truck accident case to trial and present evidence to a jury. We will aggressively fight for you and use our legal knowledge and settlement negotiations to give you the best chance at a successful verdict in court when pursuing your truck accident case.

When you hire Mike Morse Law Firm, we work on an emergency basis. This means that you as our client will not pay any legal fees or costs until your legal matter is resolved. We received payment from the last tractor-trailer accident.

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Accidents happen all the time and can happen at any time. However, choosing the right attorney with extensive experience can help you get the compensation you deserve, especially if your wrongful death or catastrophic injury case is the fault of the responsible party who committed a security breach. Having the best attorney by your side can help you better understand your legal rights and what compensation you can receive. Anytime you are involved in a serious accident, it is important to contact a large trucking attorney before speaking with your insurance company or insurance adjuster.

With an attorney from the Mike Morse Law Firm handling your truck accident claim, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice and are in good hands. Our firm’s attorneys have the experience and resources to help you aggressively fight your serious truck accident case. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation

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