Truck Accident Attorney One Of Five


Truck Accident Attorney One Of Five – A truck accident attorney can fight to get you the compensation you deserve after a collision with a commercial vehicle. Whatever you call them – semi trucks, 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, big rigs and more. – Large commercial trucks are common on the roads in Morgantown and West Virginia.


When fully loaded, these trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Collisions between cars and semi-trucks often result in serious injuries due to their large size and weight.




Truck Accident Attorney One Of Five

Getting compensation after a truck accident is not easy. Several parties may be at fault, each disclaiming responsibility. Insurance companies try to limit the amount they will pay to the at-fault party.

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Hit by a truck? Colombo Law can help! Call (304) 599-4229 today for a free consultation. Our truck accident attorneys serve clients in Morgantown and West Virginia.

A truck accident can throw your life into chaos. You may face significant medical expenses, property damage, and other expenses. Even worse, you could lose a loved one in a trailer accident.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to work with an experienced car accident attorney who can work on your behalf and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. The traffic accident lawyers at Colombo Law have been serving clients in trucking accidents for over 20 years.

After a truck accident, you need to understand that no one cares about your needs until you hire an attorney. Major trucking companies and insurance carriers hire accident investigators to respond to accidents at any time of the day or night. The purpose of their inspection is to limit the employer’s liability for accidents.

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Most people injured in a car accident are taken to the hospital immediately. As a result, you may lose the opportunity to collect important evidence after an accident.

An experienced truck accident attorney can help you overcome the major obstacles you face after being injured in a major tow truck accident. The truck accident lawyers at Colombo Law can help you:

In addition to handling the legal aspects of your case, a skilled truck accident attorney can provide you with valuable emotional support and peace of mind during the difficult time following an accident. At Colombo Law, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services and the verdicts and settlements we achieve for our clients.

Truck accident injuries are generally more serious than car accident injuries, but both types of accidents are caused by some degree of negligence. The most common causes of traffic accidents among drivers are:

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It is important to investigate the collision quickly and thoroughly to determine what caused the truck accident. An experienced car accident attorney will examine the behavior of the truck driver and the roles of the other parties to determine who is at fault.

Contact the truck accident lawyers at Colombo Law today. What are the most common road accidents in the field of trucking?

Commercial truck accidents can take many forms. The most common truck accidents include:

Drivers should always use caution when operating 18-wheelers and other large vehicles. Unfortunately, even the most careful driver is at risk when commercial drivers do not obey the rules of the road or when a tractor-trailer is defective or misused.

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If you have been injured in a no-fault truck accident, the Morgantown truck accident attorneys at Colombo Law can argue a strong case on your behalf. Our firm has successfully handled large truck accident claims.

We have an in-depth knowledge of how the trucking industry works, especially when a major equipment disaster occurs. If you have been injured in a truck accident, our attorneys will carefully prepare your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

As we can see, the majority of traffic accidents involving trailers are caused by negligence of truck drivers. However, there are other parties involved in an 18-wheeler accident.

Another example of third-party negligence may involve the company that manufactured the car or its parts. Defects, malfunctions, or recalls may indicate that the truck is unsafe to operate. However, if the manufacturer fails to notify consumers, the company or companies involved in the design, manufacture and/or distribution of the defective vehicle or part will be liable for the accident.

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A truck accident can be the fault of one person or multiple parties. As a result, a truck accident claim can be time-consuming and difficult to successfully litigate.

Colombo Law’s road accident lawyers have extensive experience in handling complex 18-wheeler claims. We can help you explore your legal options and get the most compensation for your injuries.

Defect is one of the most controversial elements in any truck accident. The trucking company and the insurance carrier will do everything they can to argue that the driver of the other vehicle, not the operator, is responsible for the accident.

According to statistics, this is impossible. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCA) study of the causes of large truck crashes analyzed nearly 1,000 crashes involving commercial vehicles over a 3-year period.

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Among these major truck crashes, FMCSA found that some factor in truck operation (known as a “contributing factor”) was responsible for 55% of truck crashes. Where the truck is a significant factor, 87% of accidents are caused by the truck driver.

A study of the causes of serious truck accidents breaks down the causes of truck accidents caused by the truck driver into the following.

Truck accidents are caused by the fault of the driver. Mechanical failures and environmental hazards (such as animals crossing the road) lead to collisions. But this is only the percentage of accidents involving large vehicles.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident and the driver, trucking company and/or insurance company are disputing liability, it is important to contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. Colombo lawyers will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to determine who is at fault.

How Major Roads Increase The Risk Of Truck Accidents

It is difficult to answer this question. Although local police can predetermine fault in truck accidents, these findings are not included in the statistics and reports produced by the state and federal governments.

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2020 (the most recent year of data), there were 439,206 crashes involving large vehicles reported to US law enforcement agencies. These truck crashes caused 4,965 deaths and nearly 147,000 injuries nationwide.

If we compare the NHTSA data (439,206 truck crashes) to the average percentage reported in the Large Truck Crash Study, we get about 210,000 truck crashes. Maybe through the truck driver.

Of course, these are only approximations based on available information. However, it does give you an idea of ​​how many truck accidents in the United States can be caused by the mistakes of commercial truck drivers.

Yreka Truck Accident Lawyer

According to NHTSA, there were 370 fatal crashes in West Virginia in 2020 (the most recent year for data). 34 of these fatal accidents involved large vehicles. As a result, truck crashes account for approximately 9% of all fatal crashes in West Virginia.

In 2020, 32 people died in truck accidents in West Virginia. Most of the fatalities (68%) involved people outside the truck (eg, other vehicles, pedestrians, etc.).

In order to get the compensation you deserve, it’s important to find out how the truck accident happened and who was at fault. A truck accident attorney can collect and preserve a lot of evidence to support your claim.

Experience is key in truck accident litigation. Our truck accident attorneys know how to investigate the responsible parties and how their negligence contributed to the accident. Based on the evidence, we track your full costs.

Benefits Of Having A Truck Accident Lawyer

Serious and catastrophic injuries often occur in truck accidents. The worst-case scenario, fatality, occurs with alarming frequency in these accidents.

Our lawyers at Colombo Law assist clients and their families with truck accident claims, including:

Serious injuries often require a long recovery. Diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care are very expensive. Victims may be unable to work and their families’ lives may be affected by time and costs.

If you have been injured in an innocent trucking accident or a loved one has died in an 18-wheeler accident, you and your loved ones deserve compensation.

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The compensation you can recover in your claim depends on the actual loss you suffered.

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