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Semi truck accident case file reveals case of truck driver who went 2 months without days A driver for a Texas company revealed that he drives 10 hours, rests 10 hours in the cab and repeats this cycle for months at a time. repeats




Truck Accident Attorney In New York City 2023

LARDO — San Antonio attorney Shawn Meckler is so concerned about what he uncovered when he sued a Texas trucking company that he reported the company to authorities soon after settling a six-figure lawsuit earlier this year.

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Meckler claims his client suffered a permanent spinal cord injury after his tractor-trailer was struck by another semi-truck east of Little Rock on February 17, 2021, during one of the worst winter storms on record in the southern United States.

Dash cam footage and photos obtained by investigators show icy conditions were present at the time of the three-car crash in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

Driver Israel Rodriguez, whose big rig struck a semi truck driven by Mechler’s client before swerving to the right and wiping out a truck, testified in a video in late October that his semi had snow chains on its tires, but he did not do it. Put them on before the accident.

But Meckler said it was Rodriguez’s distracted driving that came into focus after a lawsuit was filed in Webb County against Rodriguez and Laredo-based trucking companies DX Xpress and Directo Express.

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“We know he may have been driving 18 to 20 hours at the time of the crash,” Meckler said.

Meckler relied on Rodriguez’s testimony that the trucking company does not keep records of driving hours for the trips in question, court records show.

Testifying remotely from Mexico with the help of a translator, Rodriguez said he drove from a checkpoint outside Laredo to Little Rock without stopping before stopping for gas.

He testified that he encountered snow between Dallas and Little Rock and said he was driving 28 to 30 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

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Meckler said Rodriguez not only violated Federal Transportation Safety Administration rules covering operating hours during the 750-mile trip from Laredo to Little Rock, but based on the driver’s testimony, it appears to be a common occurrence.

“In this case, the driver drove for 10 hours and then switched with his colleague for 10 hours. That will continue for seven straight days and about two months, Meckler said, referring to Rodriguez’s testimony, which took place about three hours after he resigned.

Rodriguez said he would work for two straight months before taking a break to return to Mexico, and when Meckler asked if he had days off, he “worked almost every day.”

A chart prepared by Mechler pending trial later this year, based on Rodriguez’s testimony, shows Rodriguez drove more than 80 hours in seven days and nearly 100 hours in eight days.

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FMCSA service rules prohibit drivers from driving more than 60 hours in a seven-day period and 70 hours in an eight-day period.

Raymondo Moreno, the safety coordinator for DX Xpress and Directo Express at the time of the incident, testified in a release in late October about the group driving concept the company was using.

Using a team driver allows the semis to stay on the road and technically never stop, Moreno said.

The company settled the case earlier this year. As part of the settlement, Rodriguez and Co. were released from any claims in the lawsuit and denied any wrongdoing.

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Because his client’s injuries were not catastrophic, Meckler said he could not require DX Xpress and Directo Express to increase their safety measures as part of the settlement.

“I am writing because I fear for the safety of motorcyclists,” Meckler said in his written complaint.

FMCSA officials informed Meckler in May that the agency would not open an investigation into his complaint.

FMCSA’s response states: “Due to DX XPRESS INC’s recent investigation conducted on 06/29/2022, the noncompliance in your complaint was previously identified and is being appropriately addressed.”

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The largest DX Xpress, which operates more than 300 vehicles, had 94 HOS violations during the same period, according to federal records.

The listed owner of Directo Express and DX Xpress did not return calls seeking comment for this story.

Adam Gallegos, the company’s attorney in the case, said it had not been proven that Rodriguez violated hours of service rules and denied any wrongdoing.

Emmy-winning reporter Dillon Collier joined Investigates in September 2016. Dillon’s investigative stories appear weekdays on Nightbeat and the Six O’Clock News. Dillon is a two-time Houston Press Club Reporter of the Year and Associated Press Texas Reporter of the Year.

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Joshua Saunders is an Emmy Award winning photographer/editor who has been working in the San Antonio market for the past 20 years. Joshua works in the Defenders Unit, which deals with crime and corruption throughout the city. A car accident can be a tragic ordeal, but when a truck or heavy machinery is involved, the impact is even greater. The size of the tractor-trailer increases the potential for serious injury and makes the need for strict safety rules and guidelines a priority.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently introduced new safety rules that affect truck drivers across the country. The new guidelines aim to reduce the number of fatal crashes involving large vehicles while increasing overall driver safety.

The rules come after a long delay in increasing safety regulations in the transport industry as the number of deaths rose for the eighth consecutive year. The new rules represent a significant change in freight transport regulations and have the potential to improve road safety.

Why are these rules so important? And what does it mean to you? Let’s take a look at the alarming truck accident statistics that led to these new laws, what the new laws intend to do, and what we should do after a truck accident.

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A 2018 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that the number of people killed by trucks increased by 28.2 percent since 2009, reaching 4,761 in 2017. Additionally, the study found that the number of of people killed in large trucks has more than doubled since the 1970s. In addition to these deaths, a large number of people are injured each year due to contact with heavy metals.

Pennsylvania has also seen its share of alarming increases in tractor accidents and fatalities. The latest figures show a disturbing pattern, with the region seeing a significant increase in accidents involving trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds.

In 2021, Pennsylvania recorded 162 deaths from heavy truck crashes. It placed the state among the top ten truck deaths, indicating a serious issue that requires immediate attention and targeted intervention to curb the growing dangers on its roads.

With truck accident injuries and deaths on the rise across the country and across the country, new laws are in place to help increase safety and reduce deaths and injuries. Three specific laws that are helpful to understand include: Requiring drivers to use an ELD or electronic logging device. 30% reduction in stopping distance. and the development of car lights.

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has passed legislation requiring truck drivers to use an electronic logging device (ELD). These devices record the driver’s hours, how many miles he has traveled and any other important information related to his work on the road. This measure is designed to ensure compliance with driving hours restrictions, thereby reducing the risk of impaired driving.

Another new rule requires many new heavy-duty truck tractors to have a 30 percent reduction in stopping distance compared to currently required standards. This significant reduction in stopping distance can prevent many accidents caused by delayed braking.

For example, drivers must reduce their braking distance from 60 feet to 30 feet when traveling 40 mph or less. This means that if the truck driver brakes at 40 mph or less, he should be able to stop the truck within 30 feet. This helps reduce accidents and increase overall road safety.

Another way FMCSA is working to improve safety on all roadways is by requiring improved vehicle lighting. The new standards require commercial trucks to have brighter and more visible headlights, taillights and brake lights so other drivers can see you in difficult conditions.

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These regulations also require that all lighting devices used in commercial vehicles must have certain levels of brightness and visibility at night. By increasing visibility, these measures can help prevent accidents caused by the poor

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