Server Location Importance: How Hosting Gator Affects Your Site Speed


Server Location Importance: How Hosting Gator Affects Your Site Speed – Best Web Hosting Service of 2024: 10 Great Options to Consider HostGator Review 2023: 10 Reasons to Choose This Web Hosting Service


HostGator is a major web hosting provider owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), the same company that owns Bluehost. There are a wide variety of hosting plans that are affordable for beginners and provide scalability for large businesses. These plans have great features and offer comparable performance.




Server Location Importance: How Hosting Gator Affects Your Site Speed

But while there are many popular hosting providers, not many people know what HostGator has to offer. That’s why we decided to put HostGator services through rigorous testing in 2023.

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This review contains a practical, transparent and unbiased test of the HostGator service, including screenshots and a report of our findings. Finally, you will answer the question of whether HostGator is good or not. So you can decide for yourself whether it is better than Bluehost.

There are many reasons not to choose HostGator, though. We will cover these in this comprehensive review.

The portal has links to almost every feature you need to easily manage your website. You can access the file manager, install WordPress, manage your space, backups, security, review your database, and manage or create email accounts.

HostGator also uses cPanel to provide you with the additional tools you need to manage your websites and applications. It comes with Softaculous app installer, which allows you to install many popular scripts and applications in one click.

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Therefore, the onboarding process was easy as we were able to easily install WordPress on our test website. After installation, you can automatically log in to your WordPress site via the HostGator portal and continue testing and reviewing.

Overall, after testing the ease of use of the HostGator portal, I can say that the integration with traditional cPanel is excellent and anyone can get away with it. But HostGator can do better by developing a lightweight control panel with a better interface than traditional cPanel.

One of the most important tests we ran in our 2023 HostGator review was about speed and performance.

Speed ​​is very important when hosting a website. A web hosting service with fast servers provides unmatched speed and performance, ensuring fast page loading and low bounce rates. The result is higher customer retention and a higher chance of SEO success. This means your business can generate more traffic and sales, generating more revenue and leading to faster growth.

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On the other hand, a slow-loading website can do more harm than good to your business. Nobody likes a slow site, and neither does Google. If your website loads slowly, your bounce rate will be high, your traffic will decrease, and your likelihood of achieving good SEO performance will decrease. Additionally, your business site may not be able to satisfy visitors and generate income.

As a result, in our HostGator 2023 review, we tested the speed of our servers with three of the most accurate performance tools: GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​Insights, and Pingdom. These tools show the approximate speed and performance of your website when visited by real users or visitors.

The first tool we used to test speed and performance in our HostGator review was GTmetrix. GTmetrix is ​​a tool developed by Carbon60 to test the speed and performance of web pages by comparing the results with Core Web Vitals benchmarks. It examines your web pages for issues affecting performance and offers suggestions on how to fix them. Below are some of the metrics GTmetrix used in its analysis.

In our HostGator review, we started testing GTmetrix’s speed and performance with a simple site configuration. HostGator testing is done with one of their managed WordPress plans. Therefore, WP is automatically installed on your site. However, I logged in and removed all unnecessary plugins and themes, leaving only the WP Super Cache plugin and the Twenty Twenty-2 theme. I then started testing the plugin and theme without making any customizations.

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Initial GTmetrix analysis showed a TTFB of 195ms, indicating server speeds are very fast. This shows that HostGator servers can respond very quickly to users’ browser requests and provide fast loading pages that improve your website’s SEO performance.

FCP and LCP were recorded at 274 and 421 ms, respectively. This means HostGator’s disk drives have excellent transfer speeds for delivering fast-loading, media-heavy sites.

Additionally, we recorded a CLS of 0.07; This is a pretty bad number because it indicates a very unstable page. However, the result is that the Twenty-Twenty-2 theme is not properly optimized according to observations in previous reviews.

We also recorded a fast time of 650ms at full load. This is an impressive speed and shows that HostGator servers are capable of delivering fast-loading pages that deliver excellent SEO performance.

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Additionally, its performance and structure scores are 99% and 97%, respectively, and its GTmetrix grade is A. This shows that HostGator servers can serve sites in the top 1 percent of Google’s ideal websites. So, when it comes to basic web vitals, your chances of success in SEO are guaranteed.

We decided to test how well a HostGator site works when fully customized with sections, images, and other elements. So I installed and activated the Neve theme, along with one of the starter websites and all its content. I then removed the Twenty Twenty-2 theme but left WP Super Cache uncustomized.

The fully functional website has a TTTB of 178ms. This is an improvement over our initial tests and shows that the HostGator server responds very quickly to browser requests. Moreover, it is one of the fastest ttfbs we have recorded in similar reviews as a fully functional website.

We also recorded FCP and LCP at 305 and 406 ms, respectively. This is an improvement over our initial test and one of the best recorded in our review. LCP is better than what we recorded in our DreamHost review (444ms) and Bluehost review (1 second).

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Also, for this test the CLS was a perfect 0. This suggests that the poor results we recorded earlier were due to poor optimization of the Twenty Twenty-2 theme. This also shows that this site offers a good user experience to its visitors.

Overall performance and structure scores are 100% and 97% respectively, with a GTmetrix grade of A. Therefore, this shows that HostGator servers can deliver websites that Google prefers for SEO very quickly and, as a result, higher revenue.

PageSpeed ​​Insights was the second speed and performance testing tool we used in our 2023 HostGator review.

This is a Google-owned project designed to test page speed and performance by comparing the results to the Core Web Vitals benchmark. The performance score is on a scale of 0 to 100; A rating of 80 or higher indicates that a website is well optimized.

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PageSpeed ​​Insights also provides recommendations on how to fix performance issues that may be affecting your site. In general, a good PageSpeed ​​Insights score indicates that Google recognizes that your site is fast and user-friendly. Therefore, your site’s SEO performance is likely to increase. Here are my recorded results from the HostGator PageSpeed ​​Insights test:

The results above show that HostGator’s server can deliver fast websites to mobile visitors. However, since the device is a desktop, it is much worse than what I recorded from GTmetrix.

This is because mobile devices use slower processors than desktop computers, resulting in longer loading times and longer data transfer times.

In the PageSpeed ​​Insights desktop results of the HostGator review, I noticed similar results to the GTmetrix analysis of a fully functional website. This shows that Google thinks our website is fast and good for SEO.

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We also tested the HostGator website via Pingdom from a server in Washington DC, USA and recorded a load time of 693ms. So, when we reviewed HostGator servers, we found that fast loading speeds that guarantee SEO success are one of the reasons why you should consider using HostGator services.

The next aspect we tested in our 2023 HostGator review is how the server responds to requests during peak hours or traffic spikes.

Busy hours are inevitable for any business with effective marketing and SEO efforts. This may occur if a business offers time-based discounts to visitors and many customers visit the site at the same time. Traffic spikes can also occur for many other reasons, and it’s important to make sure your server can handle them. Failure to do so may result in outages, service disruptions and ultimately loss of revenue.

To test how well HostGator servers could handle traffic spikes during peak hours, I used to send virtual visitors to my site. This tells you how many visitors your site can handle at once without slowing down or slowing down your performance.

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In our first HostGator load test, we sent 20 visitors per minute to our site. I

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