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Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer – A fully loaded semi-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds On the other hand, your car only weighs between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds Combine the significant weight difference with the high speed, and it’s easy to see why so many truck accidents result in serious injuries and even death.


We rely on large trucks to deliver items in Florida and across the country Unfortunately, negligence by truck drivers, trucking companies and other parties often leads to serious accidents




Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a tractor-trailer accident, contact the Orlando truck accident attorneys at Calling Gilbert Wright today at (407) 712-7300. Your initial consultation is free and you owe us nothing until we successfully resolve your case Our car accident attorneys serve clients in Orlando, Tampa, Miami and throughout Florida.

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Car accident claims are different from most car accident cases As a result, they require experience and expertise to effectively navigate and manage the legal process.

An experienced Orlando accident attorney can help you understand these and other aspects of your truck claim.

The difference in size and weight between a semi trailer and a passenger car almost guarantees that the driver of the passenger car will lose in almost every accident. Depending on the circumstances, you may face many disasters

These injuries often require expensive treatment and leave you unable to work In extreme cases, you may suffer permanent damage, severe divorce, or both

What Is A Truck Accident Case Worth? How Much Compensation Can You Expect?

“Damages” is the legal term for compensation for the negligence of another The more severe the injury, the more plaintiffs can recover.

The amount of compensation due to serious injuries in a car accident is usually much higher than in auto and other vehicle claims.

The compensation you receive after a car accident depends on the specific nature of your injuries and other damages It is important to speak with an Orlando personal injury attorney to determine how much your case is worth

Without an experienced attorney, it can be very difficult to get fair compensation for car accident victims Given the amount of damages in these claims, both the responsible parties and their insurers are likely to play hardball to determine what they will have to pay.

Why Semi Truck Accidents Often Have More Value

You may receive a settlement offer from the insurance company, but it will likely only cover a portion of your loss Our attorneys will try to reach a fair settlement on your behalf

If the parties and the insurance companies cannot reach an agreement on the matter, we will not hesitate to present a claim on your behalf. Negotiations typically take place during pre-trial preparation and discovery, during arbitration or mediation (and in some cases), and/or during trial. If no settlement is reached, our attorneys will take your case to trial in an effort to obtain the maximum possible compensation.

Another major difference between truck accident cases and other motor vehicle lawsuits is the number of defendants Unlike car accidents, which usually involve one or more drivers, liability for semi-trailer accidents is often shared between:

Other parties may be at fault in a truck accident, including the truck driver, the negligent driver of the car that caused the accident, and government agencies responsible for the safety of the roadway where the accident occurred. Ultimately, the only way to determine liability is to contact an experienced Orlando accident attorney.

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Each of the above parties may be represented by a separate insurer As a result, your attorney will have to negotiate with multiple insurance companies to get a fair settlement on your behalf

Given the complex nature of insurance negotiations and the desire of insurers to pay as much as possible, it is important to have an experienced car accident attorney on your side. Your attorney can handle your case while you focus on recovery

Given the many different parties that can be at fault in a car accident, it’s not surprising that many different factors can lead to an accident involving an 18-wheeler. Some of these include:

As with any car accident, commercial vehicle driver negligence can take many forms The main difference, of course, is the size and weight of the vehicles that truck drivers operate

Tampa Truck Accident Injury Lawsuit Claims Lawyer

Bulldozer accidents can also involve situations unique to the trucking industry For example, driver fatigue can be the result of violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours of service rules. FMCSA hours of service regulations limit the number of hours in a given period that truckers can drive, as well as required rest breaks.

Truck drivers who abuse alcohol and drugs not only put themselves at risk, but also the lives of thousands of other drivers. Illegal substance use and abuse is common, although there are strict rules regarding driving with a commercial driver’s license

Under tight deadlines, drivers try to gain an advantage over driver fatigue and irritation by using natural or synthetic materials. In most cases, these substances are legal products such as coffee and energy drinks These stimulants work in a certain amount, but when taken in large amounts they can cause additional problems besides driver fatigue, such as nervousness.

In addition to drunk driving laws for all drivers, truck drivers are constantly monitored by federal and state agencies. Some rules include:

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Drivers who refuse to take the test may be fired on the spot. Transportation companies must keep accurate records of all drug tests In truck accident cases, our Orlando attorneys can access these files to bring a case against the driver and/or the trucking company.

A large truck’s parts must function smoothly in order for the large machine to run safely May be the result of defects in the manufacturing process, improper maintenance or both

Trucks used for specific tasks or for transporting specific loads may have unique disadvantages For example, tank trucks transporting hazardous or flammable liquids may leak, causing a fire or explosion. Meanwhile, a faulty bucket truck may experience transmission or hydraulic problems, which could pose a hazard to workers in the bucket.

Truck loading is carefully regulated by state and federal regulations Often, however, these laws are circumvented by truck drivers and truckers who try to deliver more goods faster to make more profit. The load limits distributed between the axles are as follows:

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Most trucks are within acceptable loading limits, but it is impossible to determine which vehicle may be overloaded unless properly identified. The extra weight will reduce stopping power and change the center of gravity, making the truck more unsafe to maneuver.

Over time, overloaded trucks can put undue stress on the vehicle, wearing it out and making it unsafe to drive. Excess weight can negatively affect tire pressure, causing more friction in tires and making them more prone to blowouts.

Open cargo on overloaded trucks reduces the visibility of other vehicles on the road Oversized vehicles tend to slow down, which affects driving speed and forces vehicles to pass them.

Accidents caused by overloaded trucks can be caused by the truck driver, his employer, the trucking company, or a combination of these parties. The other driver may also be guilty of carelessness while carrying a semi load

Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer

While it is the responsibility of governments and transportation authorities to build safe roads, it is really everyone’s responsibility to drive safely and promote safe travel. is Trucking companies that send huge, fully loaded trucks on the nation’s highways and highways need to be more vigilant in holding their drivers accountable and following safe driving practices. However, there are times when the asphalt is so bad that even safe drivers can have trouble

Dangerous roads are often the result of poor maintenance, poor construction and poor design A defective road is a road that is poorly constructed, designed or maintained, resulting in an increased risk of serious and fatal accidents.

Accidents are frequent on bad roads and intersections. happens In many cases, a faulty road can lead to hundreds of serious or fatal accidents before action is taken

After a car accident, you have two priorities: 1). and 2) getting help for the injury You start building your business With these goals in mind, actions to take after a semi-trailer accident include:

Florida Truck Accident Attorney

Your car accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident It’s not just caution

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