Memphis Semi Truck Accident Lawyer


Memphis Semi Truck Accident Lawyer – Truck accidents are not very common in Arkansas, unfortunately. With its size and weight, the damage it can do in a fraction of a second is amazing.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that there will be 415,000 trucking accidents in 2020, and at least 101,000 of those accidents will result in injuries. If you’ve been injured in a Little Rock truck accident, you could have serious, life-changing injuries.




Memphis Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

When looking for a lawsuit for your accident, you may wonder if you can sue the trucking company for more compensation for your injuries. Fortunately, in some cases you can sue the company. An experienced Little Rock truck accident attorney can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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To find out if you can sue the trucking company, you first need to find out who was at fault for the accident. Determining liability in a car accident can be difficult and there may be many parties involved. Others who may be responsible may include:

If the attorney believes the truck driver is at fault, it could be a bigger case. Fortunately, Little Rock law allows you to join the trucking company in a lawsuit along with the negligent trucker due to Arkansas’ “vicarious liability statute.” Vicarious liability actually allows you to take the truck lessor to court for the negligent actions of their employees.

To build your case, you need to establish that negligence caused the accident – and this is where you can pull evidence to support your case against the trucking company. Some examples of negligence that lead to accidents are:

If the truck driver acts negligently or the trucking company does not follow the correct rules, resulting in negligence that causes an accident, they may be liable for the injuries that people suffer.

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If you can prove that the trucking company was negligent and that the negligence or carelessness of the driver caused your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Damage can include:

Unlike other states, Arkansas does not have a bankruptcy exemption. This means there is no limit to how much you can be awarded in court for damages related to a truck accident in Little Rock. If you have suffered extensive property damage and serious injuries, it is better to take the big trucking company to court than just the driver. Car repairs are expensive, but medical bills are even more expensive. If you’ve suffered a serious injury, the resulting costs may be more than you think—and more than you expect. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced attorney to help you find the right compensation.

Trucking companies often have a strong legal team on their side who will do everything in their power to make sure you don’t get paid. If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident caused by the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company, contact the experienced legal team at Bailey & Greer, PLLC as soon as possible. A Little Rock truck accident attorney will work with you to gather evidence and build a strong case. After all, all you have to worry about is recovery after an injury. We will help ensure that irresponsible parties, such as trucking companies, are held accountable for their actions. Call or fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation at our Little Rock office.

At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we do our best to alleviate those fears and help our clients find solutions to these problems. The Little Rock based law firm provides a wide range of legal services to individuals and families throughout Arkansas. If you have been injured, you can trust the personal injury attorneys at Bailey & Greer. When you look at the size of a semi, it is not unusual to see damage during an accident, which is why meeting with a truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN is often in your best interest. It’s no secret that large trucks are dangerous forms of transportation for a variety of reasons. They are slow, large, and can weigh 10,000 to 26,000 pounds or more.

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There are many reasons why semi trucks are dangerous. This answer is only as dangerous as it is made out to be. Here are some reasons why big trucks are dangerous:

These big trucks carry heavy loads on roads and highways. These goods can be anything from industrial products to consumer goods. These can vary from closed bed trucks to open bed trucks that you are looking at again. It is important that cargo is properly loaded, weighed, balanced, secured and marked. If the cargo is not loaded properly, the balance of the truck can be off and become a road hazard. Before departure, the truck must be inspected to ensure that everything is safe and that there is no risk of the load being damaged.

When an inexperienced or insufficiently trained driver gets behind the wheel, a semi can be even more dangerous. This is a vehicle that requires training and driving experience. A reckless driver can be impulsive and cause harm by acting quickly and dangerously. In addition, drivers who falsify logs, drive more hours than permitted or drive under the influence also pose a risk.

The two biggest causes of accidents on the driver’s side are distracted driving and distracted driving. Distracted driving is dangerous even in a passenger car, but in a truck the danger is greater. Some distractions are as simple as eating or changing the radio. Anything that distracts a driver from the road can lead to an accident.

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Driving while tired is also dangerous. Often the reason drivers work overtime is because they get paid more to get a load done faster. Driver fatigue is easy to avoid, but often drivers who overexert themselves, put everything on the road, including themselves, at risk.

Big trucks can be dangerous, but there are precautions and ways to make it safer for everyone on the road. When it comes to truck accidents, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact a Memphis Tennessee car accident attorney like the dedicated team at Patterson Bray  for more information on what we can do for you today and any questions you may have. The Porter Law Firm, PLLC, represents car accident victims in the Memphis metro area. His attorneys help injured victims, as well as families who have lost loved ones in wrongful death cases, hold those responsible and seek appropriate compensation. Personal injury attorneys also handle cases involving motorcycle accidents, rear-end collisions, fire accidents, animal attacks and nursing home neglect. Founder Matthew W. Porter has membership in the Million Dollar Entrepreneur Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur Forum. He is also licensed to practice in Virginia.

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W. Bryan Smith & Associates helps Memphis clients obtain proper compensation for injuries caused by auto accidents. The attorneys at this firm assist in legal cases seeking compensation for lost income, emotional distress, and past and future debts related to the accident. The group also deals with other areas of law such as medical malpractice and product liability. Brian Smith, one of the attorneys at the firm, was recognized as a 2013 Power Player by the Memphis Business Quarterly.

Gentry Arnold PLLC provides legal representation services to Memphis residents. For more than 30 years, he has handled personal injury cases, including accidents involving 18-wheelers, pickup trucks and other types of large commercial trucks. This also applies to subsequent compensation claims for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, treatment and rehabilitation, loss of companionship and wrongful death. Other areas of the firm’s practice include bankruptcy, civil litigation, divorce and family law, probate and estate planning, and general business law.

The Blount Law Firm helps people in Memphis with their legal problems. The company helps truck accident victims get compensation for their injuries. The lawyer protects the client’s rights by looking at the causes of the accident, such as the driver being drunk, tired and at fault. Other reasons that can be used for evidence include improper vehicle maintenance, equipment damage, unsafe loads and improper weight. Attorneys at Blount Law Offices represented the truck accident

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