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Layton Truck Accident Lawyer – Dr. Chris Robinson (DC, JD) is not just a personal injury lawyer. Before Robinson’s injury law began, Dr. Robinson was a doctor of chiropractic who focused on the treatment of car injuries for more than a decade.


Dr. Chris Robinson is the owner of a multidisciplinary healthcare practice that employs physicians, chiropractors, neurologists, chiropractors and physical therapists.




Layton Truck Accident Lawyer

As a doctor Dr. Having personally treated thousands of patients for accident injuries, Robinson understands your complaints and physical injuries very well. It was at this time that Dr. Robinson had trouble dealing with auto insurance companies.

How Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

At Robinson Personal Injury Law, we know how difficult it can be for some people to get their cases resolved. A person may have had a small accident in their life, but an insurance adjuster can handle thousands of accidents and can reduce the value of your case. Get an insurance company so you can focus on treating your injuries.

Why treat yourself? At Robinson Personal Injury Law, our attorneys and staff are focused on getting the best possible outcome for you. We have the medical and legal expertise needed to ensure your claim is properly assessed. Let’s negotiate to get you the great compensation and treatment you deserve!

Human, professional and honest. Very good job in taking care of my case. Robinson’s Law of Injury does what it says – no payment until we win!. It is strongly recommended.

I knew I would need intensive care for many months after the accident. I don’t know if I’ll get it and it’s stressing me out a lot. I called Robinson Injury Law and not only did I get the help I needed, they took care of everything. I don’t need to confirm how I will pay.

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After the accident, I called Robinson Personal Injury Law and went to handle my case. They were professional, honest and made sure I was compensated for my injuries. I am very happy with the results. I have recommended this law firm to many people who need a lawyer. Injured Utah State.

Robinson personal injury law covers car accident injuries, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian injuries, falls, brain injuries, truck injuries, and wrongful death.

If your brain injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, we can help you find and recover from your injury.

Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are often caused by drivers who are careless and unaware of their surroundings.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Layton, Ut

In collisions or other traffic accidents, the involvement of large trucks often means serious injury or even death.

There is no easy way to deal with the unexpected loss of a loved one. The grief that accompanies this loss can be overwhelming in any situation, but it is often more difficult in situations where the death could have been avoided.

Car Accident Attorney Compensation Time and Attorney Fees When it comes to car accident injuries and negligent drivers, the collective knowledge of a legal team of personal injury attorneys can help you obtain significant personal injury compensation and even punitive damages. This can be especially important for […] because they are large and heavy and an accident with a tractor can have serious and serious consequences than an accident with the average car. Truck drivers often work long hours and drive long kilometers, causing driver fatigue that often leads to dangerous truck accidents. Each year, hundreds of Florida drivers are seriously injured or killed in large truck accidents.

Although most commercial carriers operate their vehicles safely, there are unfortunate cases where proper safety precautions are not followed, resulting in serious injury or death to others on the road, including:

Layton, Ut Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a family member has been injured in a serious truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills as well as pain and suffering. If you are unable to work or lose time from your job, you may be entitled to additional loss-related damages.

We have the experience and financial resources to acquire many electric transmission companies and their insurance companies. We can guide you through the legal process and work with insurance companies and healthcare providers to help you recover.

Time is of the essence after a disaster. The longer you wait to see a lawyer, the more difficult it is to gather important evidence and interview key witnesses. If you would like us to begin an investigation, please call our 24-hour hotline at 855-LAW-SPIN or 813-991-5099 or fill out our free online case review form and a member of our team will contact you. . For more than 25 years, the attorneys at Feller & Wendt, LLC have been helping Utah car accident victims get the compensation they deserve. Every Layton car accident attorney at our firm takes settlement negotiations seriously, but is also prepared to take your case to court if necessary to ensure that justice is served on your behalf. If you have been injured in a car accident, the attorneys at Feller & Wendt, LLC will fight to protect your rights.

It is important that you stay at the scene of the accident and get a police report of the accident. You should seek treatment even if the injury seems minor to make sure it’s not worse than you think and document it.

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You must share information with other drivers, including access to their name, address, phone number, and their insurance information, including their insurance company number and policy. However, keep conversations with other drivers to a minimum and avoid taking responsibility at this time.

If possible, take pictures of the incident, including pictures of the entire vehicle, your injuries, and anything that may have caused the accident. Also get information about witnesses to the accident.

Car accidents happen so often that we tend to think of them as a sad part of life. According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, 273 people died on Utah roads in 2017, 11 of which happened in Davis County. However, in almost all cases, the cause of the accident is the carelessness of the driver who does not observe the proper safety measures.

While the term car accident is often thrown around, Feller & Wendt understand that accidents don’t just happen. It’s caused when drivers knowingly choose to break the safety rules that protect all of our communities, which is why we tell them when a traffic accident or collision occurs.

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These collisions are usually caused by someone acting carelessly or improperly The Law A motorcycle crash is a preventable event that causes serious injury, the person is at fault.

Speed ​​is the main cause of accidents. Regardless of whether a driver is exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for the conditions, speeding causes accidents.

Drunk driving is another cause of accidents. Drivers who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol put themselves and others at risk. Drunk driving is not only illegal, but also impairs the safety of everyone on the road.

Failure to yield is a major factor in many traffic accidents. This includes drivers who make an unsafe lane change, drivers who fail to stop at a red light or stop sign, and drivers who respect the right of way in the oncoming lane before turning. If the driver fails to follow these safety precautions, the driver and other occupants of the vehicle must pay for physical and emotional injuries and pain.

Self Driving Car Accident: Who Can I Sue For The Collision

Despite years of efforts to make drivers aware of the dangers of distracted driving and Utah’s state law banning texting and driving, many drivers still engage in this reckless and dangerous behavior. In 2017, there was an accident caused by driving without lines, in which 21 people died. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence listed above, the Layton car accident attorneys at Feller & Wendt, LLC can help you begin the recovery process.

Utah is a no-fault state, one of the few states that has enacted this law. If you are involved in an accident, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy will cover your medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries. The law requires all drivers to pay $3,000 in PIP.

However, in some cases, the law allows you to claim compensation that exceeds your insurance coverage. If your medical bills exceed $3,000, if you are permanently disabled, disabled, disabled, disabled, or disabled, you may be able to claim compensation from your insurance.

In such cases, you can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to absence, and compensation for mental and emotional pain. More

Auto Accident Crash

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