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Lawrence Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Vimeo – Three people were taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon after a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 10 in Orange, Texas, that started with an 18-wheeler that went out of control.


According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the chain reaction accident was started by a 2018 Freightliner truck as it approached a bumpy part of the road around 2:00 p.m. on October 31. After crossing the rough road, the 18-wheeler attempted to brake but skidded and skidded to the left, where it struck a two-door sedan.




Lawrence Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Vimeo

The driver of the 2017 Harley Davidson motorcycle attempted to stop while near the crash, but lost control and jumped a short distance from the previous crash.

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Paramedics took all three drivers to an area hospital with undisclosed but non-life threatening injuries. There is no further information on their condition, and it is unclear if any of the victims are still in hospital.

The driver of the sedan has been identified as a 47-year-old woman from Metairie, Louisiana, and the driver of the Harley as a 42-year-old man from Alexandria, Louisiana. The 18-wheeler was driven by a 27-year-old man from Woodbury, New Jersey.

Motorists were asked to avoid Interstate 10 into Louisiana. This section of the road remained closed for several hours to facilitate cleaning and repairs.

Our Texas Undefeated Truck Accident Dealers are investigating the crash on I-10 18 Orange and will post updates if new information becomes available.

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In addition to being competitive, our 18 Wheeler accident attorneys have experience winning billions, including the largest accident settlement in Texas, for accident victims in Texas, Louisiana and the United States vs. the largest trucking companies in the world.

If you or someone else was injured in an 18-wheeler accident in Orange, Texas, please call 1-888-603-3636 or click here to send us a private email using the “Contact Us” form.

Your consultation is completely free, and since we only work on a contingency fee basis, you won’t pay us a cent if we don’t win your case. over 30 years of experience representing personal injury cases. If you need help filing an injury claim, contact Florin | Roebig today for a free consultation. When you hire Florin Roebig to handle your case, you are choosing a law firm located on 6.2 wooded and lakeside acres in beautiful Central Florida, where you will also find a trial and litigation center. , which has a mock courtroom and a place to stage trial shows.

Navigating the world of personal injury claims in Florida can be confusing. Accident injuries can be very different, from minor bruises and scratches to back injuries that affect relationships and more. That’s why Florin Roebig, whose reputation and court decisions make it one of the most feared personal injury law firms in Florida. The firm’s personal injury general negligence department is led by Tommy Roebig, a triple board certified attorney. The verdicts of the jury of Mr. Roebig of $47.4 million against a Tampa Bay day spa (Essential Massage), $41.9 million in 2016 against Applebee’s Grill and Bar, and $6.1 million in August 2017 for a lawsuit against the most controversial motorcycle accident in court trials. historically Pasco ($47.4 million), Hernando ($41.9 million) and Sumter ($6.1 million) counties.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a Florida accident, a skilled, board-certified Florin Roebig personal injury law attorney can make personal injury law easy and help you find comfort.

In the meantime, learn how personal injury claims work when it’s time to file an accident lawsuit, the types of damages you can claim for, and more.

So the basic process of a personal injury claim is this: You file a claim, like an insurance claim, for damages you’ve incurred as a result of an injury caused by someone else. If you receive a settlement, you will receive compensation for damages, such as medical expenses.

While understanding personal injury law can be complicated, it really boils down to one concept: whether the party filing a personal injury claim was responsible and negligent or can prove that someone else was at fault and negligent.

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While minor accidents are not ruled out, serious or life-changing (life-altering) accidents usually result in higher payouts or penalties.

For personal injury claims stemming from car accidents or other incidents in Florida, the first step is to determine whether the party is at fault and was negligent.

If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a car accident or other accident in Florida, winning your claim will largely depend on whether the attorney can prove negligence.

That’s why it’s so important to both hire a Florida personal injury attorney and be honest with them from the start. The more you talk about your case, the stronger your claim will be if the other person is at fault.

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The at-fault party may not be responsible or legally liable to pay for your injuries. For example, if a coworker makes a mistake that causes you to slip and fall, but the mistake was made because of the employer’s negligence, such as not providing the right equipment to do your job, it is you may not be responsible. employee

Instead, the employer will be responsible for paying compensation for damages, such as medical treatment for your injuries. A lawyer can help you understand whether the person at fault is also responsible.

Negligence is perhaps the most important factor to consider when evaluating an injured person’s claim. If you were somehow at fault for what happened, this will affect the amount of damages you can recover.

That’s because Florida personal injury law works on a principle known as comparative negligence, which means your compensation will be reduced based on your level of fault.

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However, if a Florida attorney can prove that the defendant was not only at fault, but also negligent, this can strengthen your claim and improve your chances of recovering damages.

For a negligent party to be negligent, they must have acted without reason and their actions must have caused an accident, causing damages.

This means there is a limit to the amount you can recover for most personal injury claims. A good lawyer, like ours in Florin | Roebig, you have been upfront every step of the way about the strength of your claim and the amount of damages you can reasonably seek.

Florida sets a time limit for when you must file a claim. The statute of limitations begins on the date of the injury and lasts four years, according to the Florida Legislature.

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For injured victims or their family members, knowing how to file a claim, who to file a claim with, and dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.

Be sure to include all responsible parties in your application. Filing a claim is the first step because it tells everyone involved that you will seek compensation for your injuries. If you are at this stage of the process, the Florin legal team can | Roebig to help you identify who is responsible and start your claim.

This is where your attorney negotiates with insurance companies, insurance adjusters, the defendant’s attorneys, and others in an effort to reach a favorable settlement. Commercial offers and discounts will be made, with the aim of achieving an equal amount for both parties.

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This step will only happen if you and the unfaithful person cannot come to a good proposal. Challenging people may try to make low offers in the hope that you will pay less than the maximum compensation. If you are unwilling to do this or your case is strong enough, a Florida attorney can help you file a lawsuit.

This is the part where negligence is proven in accident cases. When defending your claim, attorneys will work to prove that your injury was caused by negligence and that you are entitled to fair compensation as a result.

In some cases, insurance companies won’t accept a good settlement, which means your case could go to trial. It is very important at this time to have experienced Florida attorneys who can help you reach an alternative dispute resolution.

The most reputable personal injury law firms will ensure that accident victims understand the possible decisions or consequences and strive to obtain maximum compensation.

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If you were injured in a car or other accident in Florida, you may want to be reimbursed for your accident-related expenses, such as doctor visits, surgery, or ambulance rides.

But the damage can go beyond a person’s short-term medical care. For example, if your injury prevents you from returning to work, you may want to file a wage loss claim.

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