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Killeen Truck Accident Lawyer – At the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C., we know that accidents involving 18-wheelers and minivans are among the most serious types of car accidents a person can experience. Because of the vast difference in size and strength between commercial trucks and other vehicles on the road, people involved in a car accident can suffer serious injuries and may never fully recover. In the worst-case scenario, a car accident can result in death.


Because truck accident victims can face consequences from life-changing injuries, it is often important for these victims to go to court to get the compensation they need to get back on their feet. If you have been the victim of a Waco car accident, our truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, PC can work to ensure that you receive the effective legal representation you need.




Killeen Truck Accident Lawyer

A variety of factors can contribute to a car accident, but if it is caused by someone else’s careless or irresponsible behavior, accident victims may be entitled to compensation.

Truck Vs. Car Accidents

At the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C., we have the legal expertise and resources to represent victims in cases involving:

Car accidents can cause serious injuries, including brain damage and paralysis, that no one can repair on their own.

Our Waco truck accident attorneys have years of experience handling truck accident claims throughout the Waco area. Highways in the area often experience traffic jams, leading to many accidents. Time and time again, residents come to us with car accident requests related to a variety of accidents.

Car accidents are popular among accident investigators and personal injury attorneys because determining liability in a car accident can be equally difficult. While you can safely blame the other driver for a car accident, it’s not enough to blame the car and other people for the accident. A thorough investigation often reveals that many people were responsible for the disaster.

Car Accident Attorneys In Texas

When a truck hits your car, your first thought may be that the truck behind the wheel is solely responsible for your injuries. While this is true, sometimes trucking companies are involved in car accidents.

Regardless, your attorney can help you figure out who was at fault for the accident and take legal action.

If you were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries or damages, you may be entitled to various types of compensation. Some common types of compensation include:

The specific amount and type of compensation you may receive will depend on the specific details of your case, such as the severity of your injuries, the amount of property damage, and the actions of the people involved. To learn more about your legal options for compensation, contact our expert team today!

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If you have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation to help you deal with your injuries. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact the Waco truck accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, PC today at (254) 938-6885. . The consequences of a car accident extend far beyond the physical injuries caused by the collision.

Car accidents and car accidents differ significantly in their potential consequences and complexities. The differences in size and weight between commercial vehicles and conventional vehicles mean truck accidents often result in significant property damage, catastrophic injuries and even death. Additionally, the car’s long braking distances and large louvers make it very difficult to maneuver safely on the road. Car accidents are also subject to specific laws and regulations regarding trucking, such as operating hours and weight limits, which may affect liability and compensation.

The truck accident attorneys at Dashner Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to handle complex car accidents. We understand the unique challenges these incidents present and conduct thorough investigations to gather critical evidence. Our expert trucking accident lawyers can explain your options and help you file your claim.

Car and truck accidents are very different due to the vast differences in size, weight, and complexity between commercial vehicles and regular passenger vehicles. Here are six important differences between truck and car accidents:

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Weight difference: A fully loaded commercial vehicle is 20 to 30 times heavier than an average passenger vehicle. When a truck and minivan collide, the impact is greater and causes greater damage to both vehicles.

High Center of Gravity: Cars have a higher center of gravity, which makes them more likely to roll over in certain situations, especially during rapid or off-road maneuvers. A rollover accident can seriously injure the driver and other pedestrians.

Braking distance: A car requires a longer distance to stop compared to a car. The extra weight and speed make it more difficult for truck drivers to stop quickly in an emergency, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions.

Driving Accidents: In some car accidents, a small car may become trapped under the rear or sides of the car due to its height. These rollover accidents can result in serious injury or death to minivan passengers.

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Multi-Point Impact: Due to the size and shape of the vehicle, car accidents often involve multiple points of impact. This could cause a secondary accident and cause serious damage to other vehicles on the road.

The extent of your car accident injuries is one of the most important and difficult aspects of these accidents. Due to the large size and weight of commercial vehicles, the consequences of a car accident can cause serious injuries to the occupants of smaller vehicles and even pedestrians. Here are some factors that contribute to the severity of truck accident injuries:

Impact: The sheer weight and speed of commercial vehicles produce greater impact than ordinary cars. When a truck and a minivan collide, the impact is greater and causes greater damage to both vehicles, greatly increasing the risk of serious injury to the occupants.

Height and Shape Crash: Commercial vehicles have more clearance, which means smaller vehicles can be tied to the rear or sides of the vehicle in a crash. These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries or death to vehicle occupants.

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Rollover accidents: Because of their higher center of gravity, cars are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents, especially when driving quickly or suddenly. Rollover accidents can cause serious injuries, including head and spine injuries, broken bones and organ damage.

Cargo Hazards: In some cargo incidents, cargo can spill or tip over, creating additional hazards. If improper safety measures or hazardous materials are involved, these incidents can result in fires, explosions, or environmental hazards that can result in serious injury or death.

Longer braking distance: Due to the weight of the car, it takes a longer distance than the car to come to a complete stop. This can lead to rear-end collisions, resulting in whiplash and other neck and back problems for those behind the vehicle.

The difference between a trucking accident and an automobile accident is the number of people involved. Car accidents often involve multiple parties who may share liability for the collision.

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Determining the liability of anyone involved in a car accident can be complex and requires a thorough investigation. It is important to have an experienced car accident attorney who understands the ins and outs of these cases and can identify all possible aspects. By holding all responsible parties accountable, car accident victims have a better chance of receiving full and fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

In truck accident cases, collecting and preserving evidence is critical to establishing liability and obtaining fair compensation for victims. Car accidents can be complex, and evidence plays an important role in determining the cause of the accident and determining who was responsible.

Preservation of evidence depends on time, as important evidence may be lost or destroyed over time. It is important to hire a truck accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that evidence is properly collected, preserved, and analyzed.

Truck accident and car accident insurance in Irving and Arlington, Texas follow the same guidelines as elsewhere, but special state and local laws may apply.

What You Need To Know When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents can have catastrophic consequences, causing serious injury, emotional distress, and financial burden to victims and their families. However, if you or a loved one

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