Islamabad King 👑 Truck Accident Lawyer


Islamabad King 👑 Truck Accident Lawyer – This large chunk of concrete fell off the highway under construction on the Level 2 Expressway on Sunday afternoon. One worker died and four cars were damaged. (Photo: Highway Authority of Thailand)


A construction worker was killed and four cars were damaged when a precast concrete slab fell off the lower Rama 3-Dao Khanong-Western Bangkok Outer Road on Sunday afternoon.




Islamabad King 👑 Truck Accident Lawyer

According to a statement from the Expressway Authority of Thailand (Exat), part of the expressway was built by CTB Joint Venture, which consists of China Harbor Engineering Co Ltd, Tipakorn Co Ltd and Buriram Thongchai Construction Co Ltd.

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According to the statement, the bars supporting the lift chassis broke, causing a section of precast concrete to fall onto Rama 2 Road.

Axat first reported that the fallen panel damaged four cars and blocked traffic on both sides of the highway. According to him, the contractor contacted the injured party for compensation.

Dashboard footage of a car on the outbound Rama 2 expressway near Homepro Rama 2 in Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thian district shows a large slab of concrete falling onto the roadway at about 4:30 a.m., crushing a worker and hitting four cars.

The driver, Puriwat Peng-ampai, 38, said he heard a noise above him and then a huge slab of concrete overturned and fell.

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Another driver, Somet Hirimak, 40, said he had to swerve sharply to avoid being hit by the falling concrete. His car’s windshield was cracked and the tire was flat.

On the night of July 31, 2022, a five-ton, 10-meter concrete beam fell from a swing bridge and hit a car, damaging a van, killing two and injuring five. Islamabad Marriott Hotel on the night of September 20, 2008 with an explosives-laden truck when a truck exploded in front of the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, killing at least 54, injuring at least 266 and leaving. 20 meters high. A wide crater 20 feet (6 meters) deep in front of the hotel.

Most of the victims were Pakistani; At least five foreign nationals were also killed and five injured. The attack happened just hours after the country’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, delivered his first speech in Pakistan’s parliament.

The Marriott Hotel was the capital’s most prestigious hotel and was located near government buildings, embassies, embassies and high commissions.

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During the investigation, three suspected terrorists were arrested by the Pakistani police. They were suspected of helping the suicide bomber. However, they were later acquitted of all charges, as no evidence was ever brought against them.

The explosion at the hotel caused a massive natural gas leak that ignited the top floor of the five-story, 258-room hotel, police said. The explosion was heard 15 kilometers away.

About two-thirds of the building went up in flames after a natural gas pipe burst and the reception area was completely destroyed.

Owner Sedrodin Cheshwani said the truck carrying the bomb was stopped at the first checkpoint. “Several shots were fired. One of our guards fired back and in the meantime the suicide bomber detonated all the explosives. All the guards at the gate were killed,” Khashwani said.

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The Czech ambassador to Pakistan, Dr. Ivo Jarek, died in the fire along with his Vietnamese counterpart.

Although Jacques survived the first blast, he returned to the hotel to assist in the rescue but was trapped inside the burning building. An Egyptian citizen was also killed in the attack.

Pakistan’s top leaders were supposed to be at the Islamabad Marriott when it was bombed; Instead, after a last-minute change of schedule, they gathered for dinner at the Prime Minister’s House, a few hundred meters from the blast, after President Asif Ali Zardari’s inaugural address to a joint session of parliament.

“The Speaker of the National Assembly hosted a dinner for tire leaders that day – the president, the prime minister and the chiefs of the armed services – at the Marriott,” Interior Ministry chief Rahman Malik told reporters.

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However, the owner of the hotel, Sadruddin Khashwani, is dead because such a meeting took place.

According to Cheshwani’s spokesman, “We had no reservations about the kind of dinner that the official is talking about.”

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik said both Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani condemned the attack and pledged their determination to fight terrorism.

About 600 kg (1,300 lb) of RDX was mixed with TNT (Torpex or H6) and a mixture of mortar and ammunition to increase the explosive power. Aluminum powder was also mixed into the material to further increase this ability. Torpex is about 50 percent stronger than TNT by weight.

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The guards were first alerted to a small explosion and about four minutes later there was a much larger explosion.

At a press conference, the Pakistani government released surveillance footage of the attack, which showed a six-wheeled truck loaded with explosives and a fuel tanker driving through the gate, first catching fire and then exploding minutes later.

Sadruddin Khashwani, the owner of the Islamabad Marriott Hotel, claimed that Asif Ali Zardari, the then president of Pakistan, may have been involved in the attack, citing his old rivalry with the president.

An unnamed security official said about 30 US Marines were staying at the hotel, who were due to go to Afghanistan and were suspected targets of the bombing. This contradicted information from another unnamed official who claimed the marines were in Pakistan in connection with a visit by Admiral Mike Mull, Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and other officials. on Wednesday.

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The team stayed on the fourth floor of the hotel, which was also one of the worst affected by the fire after the cargo exploded.

According to Shahar, some of the Marines staying at the hotel were injured; The newspaper also quoted an unnamed police official as saying that “employees of the US security agency” were likely targets of the attack.

A number of Americans were also reported to be staying at the hotel, where several CIA officers were visiting Islamabad at the time of the attack and are believed to have stayed at the hotel, according to “well-placed sources”. An NSA press release dated May 29, 2009 states: CTM3 Matthew J. O’Bryant, USN, a Navy cryptologist, has been assigned to the Naval Information Command (NIOC) in Maryland. CTM3 O’Bryant made the ultimate sacrifice on September 20, 2008 while on a cryptic mission in Pakistan. The hotel has a direct view of the communication network in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The other American soldier who died is Major Rodolfo Ivan Rodriguez of the USAF. Major Rodriguez worked at the US Embassy and was staying at the Marriott when the attack took place.

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A lawmaker from the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, Syed Mumtaz Alam Gilani, gave testimony that allegedly proved a serious security breach at the Marriott on the night of September 16-17, just days before the blast.

Alam Gilani and Shani Frieds reportedly witnessed several large steel boxes being unloaded from a US Embassy truck by a group of US Marines and, according to someone at the hotel, being taken to the fourth and fifth floors.

Alam Gilani, however, was the only one to protest and protest the apartment’s security breaches, but the US Marines listened to him. The hotel security team did not respond to Alam Gilani’s protest as they passively watched what was happening and the US Marines did not allow him to approach the boxes.

Alam Gilani has since retracted the paper’s account on the grounds that he only had a casual conversation with the journalist; However, the paper lives up to its billing.

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The U.S. Embassy said it regularly handles rooms at the Marriott. In response to US Marine operations overnight on the 16th-17th. September, embassy spokesman Lou Pintor said, “a team of supporters is leading and/or accompanying certain U.S. officials.” “b often and regularly. They often carry essential communications and office equipment. to support large delegations such as high-ranking officials and members of the United States Congress.” However, the incident occurred after Admiral Moll had left.

President Asif Ali Zardari considered postponing his visit to the United States to attend a session of the United Nations General Assembly following the blast. MP Ayaz Amir said he believes the president should cancel his visit given the circumstances and instead fight terrorism and extremism. He added: “I think the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly is the most useless event in the world where leaders give their speeches.

However, Zardari arrived in New York before the opening of the new session of the General Assembly.

The BBC reported that Pakistan has been an important ally of the US in the “war on terror”, but they are at odds over tactics and have complained about US attacks from Afghanistan.

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