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How Much Should a Louisiana Car Accident Lawyer Charge? When you are injured in a Louisiana car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, everyone is quick to tell you to hire an attorney. But it may seem easier said than done. The first question most people in your position ask themselves when asked to hire a lawyer is: Sounds great, but can I afford it? The answer, dear reader, is a resounding yes




How Much Car Accident Lawyer Charge

! Louisiana car accident attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, meaning you only pay them if they get results. See how it works. Contingency Fees Explained A contingency fee is an agreement in which your attorney represents you in exchange for a percentage of the money recovered in your case. Think of it as the legal world’s version of doing work for a spec. The attorney is only paid to provide you with money through a settlement, judgment, or similar payment. No renewal, no cost. Advantages of conditional benefits in cases of traffic accidents. Contingent charges generally work to everyone’s advantage in a Louisiana car accident. Accident victims – who often face financial hardship as a result of their injuries – love them because they provide access to lawyers. When an emergency car accident attorney works for you, you pay nothing up front, nothing as the case progresses, and nothing unless the attorney wins for you. Lawyers love them because they give the lawyer a stake in the game. The more money the lawyer receives from the wrongdoer or the insurance company, the more the lawyer will earn in fees. And by agreeing to work with no-deposit car accident victims like you, car accident attorneys expand their pool of potential clients to anyone who might need their services. All reputable Louisiana car accident attorneys represent accident victims on a contingency fee basis. If a lawyer tries to charge you an upfront or hourly fee to process your car accident claim, it means that the lawyer either doesn’t care enough about your case or doesn’t handle car accident claims very often. Either way, he’s probably not the right attorney for you. How Contingent Fees Work in Practice Because contingent fees are standard among car accident attorneys, they are not a special service that you should request. That’s how it usually goes. When you decide to have a car accident lawyer handle your claim, the lawyer will ask you to sign a fee agreement (also known as a contract agreement or fee letter). This is a written contract between you and the lawyer that sets out the terms under which the lawyer will work for you. It describes in plain English the legal services your attorney will provide and when, how, and how much the attorney will receive if you win. Once you and the attorney sign the letter, the attorney will begin working on your case. You will not receive a bill while the attorney investigates your claim, collects evidence, communicates with defense attorneys, negotiates with insurance companies, files your claim, appears in court, and prepares progress reports. These are the types of services that a lawyer provides in an emergency. If the attorney does a good job and things go as they should, your case will eventually end in a settlement or verdict that will give you money for your injuries and losses. When this happens, the tortfeasor or insurance company will send your lawyer the requested amount. From this money, your attorney will pay any medical liens (amounts that health care providers have agreed to receive from your settlement or award) and deduct a percentage you agreed to as an attorney’s fee. The rest of the money goes to you. Typical Louisiana Car Accident Contingency Rate The percentage of your settlement or award that a Louisiana car accident attorney keeps as a fee can vary. It usually accounts for about 33% (or a third) of your recovery, but percentages in the 25% to 40% range are not uncommon. Regardless, the percentage your car accident attorney suggests will be stated in the fee agreement presented to you at the beginning of your case, and you can always ask the attorney to negotiate this. Sometimes fee agreements specify different rates depending on when and how your case is resolved. For example, a settlement may earn a lawyer 33 percent of any settlement reached before trial, but 40 percent of any verdict, as compensation for the extra time and effort required to win in court. Most personal injury claims (about 95 percent) settle out of court, so the amount you agree to as part of a lawyer’s settlement is usually (though not always) what you can expect from a lawyer. pay when the case is over. Will the emergency attorney pressure me to settle? No way. Your car accident attorney has an ethical obligation to serve your interests, not theirs. You can always rely on your attorney to give you a clear and honest assessment of whether it is in your best interest to accept or decline a settlement offer, regardless of what that means for the attorney’s bottom line. You and you alone decide whether to agree to settle your claim. What if I lose? If your attorney is unable to reach an acceptable (to you) settlement or win in court, you do not owe attorney’s fees. This is the risk your attorney takes in working with contingencies. The lawyer receives the benefit of a large win but agrees not to be paid for the loss. Who pays the costs of the procedure? Good question! That’s for you and your lawyer to decide. Many car accident attorneys will agree to pay for the operational costs of your case, such as court costs, expert fees, and travel expenses. In this case, the fee agreement must clearly explain whether the lawyer will be reimbursed for these costs in his share of the compensation or if they will be covered by the lawyer’s percentage. This is important because costs can take up a significant portion of what you or your attorney take home if you are not careful. Alternatively, you can agree to pay the operating costs yourself as the case progresses. If you go this route, you may be able to get the attorney to agree to a slightly lower percentage of the contingency fee (as you risk the fees being high). Just remember to ask your attorney for an estimate of how much you’ll have to pay, and plan to have enough of a financial cushion to cover unexpected expenses. Does the lawyer receive a high fee even though no work is required for the settlement? Depends on what you mean by big. In general, the contingency fee may be higher than what the attorney could earn by charging an hourly rate because the attorney has taken the risk of not getting paid if your case is not successful. But the amount your car accident attorney receives from the contingency fee may not be unreasonable at all. Louisiana’s rules of legal ethics prohibit attorneys from charging fees that are unreasonably high compared to the amount of work required and the difficulty of the case, among other things. Talk to your attorney if you think the fees are too high for your case. More often than not, you will find that the attorney has done much more for you than you imagined. And if yours is one of those rare cases where the fee isn’t really reasonable because, say, a large settlement fell into your lap before anyone lifted a finger, your attorney will probably want to work with you to make sure the payment is fair to you . everything. Is it worth hiring a car accident lawyer? Hire a lawyer

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It’s worth it, especially since you don’t have to pay the attorney anything until you’re paid yourself. Here are just a few of the benefits you get when you trust a Louisiana car accident attorney to handle your claim. Understanding the Law Car accident law is far from simple and not something you can learn on the fly. Getting money for your car accident claim requires the resources and knowledge of someone familiar with court procedures, rules of evidence, insurance practices, negotiation strategies, and trial work. You don’t have those skills, and even if you did, you’d know all about the old legal adage: Self-represented people have stupid clients. Protection against missing deadlines Nothing – absolutely nothing – dooms a car accident claim faster than missing the claim deadline (statute of limitations). Depending on the facts of your case, you may have several months – or even a year – from the time of your Louisiana car accident

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