Host Gator Cloud Hosting: Advantages And Benefits For Your Site


Host Gator Cloud Hosting: Advantages And Benefits For Your Site – Best Web Hosting Services in 2024: 10 Great Options to Consider HostGator Review in 2023: 10 Reasons to Choose This Web Hosting Service


HostGator is a large web hosting provider owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), the same company that owns Bluehost. It has a wide range of hosting plans that are affordable for beginners and provide scalability for large enterprises. These plans come with great features and provide equal functionality.




Host Gator Cloud Hosting: Advantages And Benefits For Your Site

However, due to the number of popular hosting providers, many people do not know what HostGator has to offer. So we decided to revisit HostGator’s services in 2023 by putting them to the test.

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This review will include a hands-on, transparent and unbiased evaluation of HostGator’s services, including screenshots and reports of our findings. Finally, it will answer the question whether HostGator is good or not. So, you will be able to decide for yourself whether it is better than Bluehost or not.

But there are many reasons not to choose HostGator and we will cover them in this comprehensive review.

The Portal has links to almost all the features you need to manage your website easily. You can access your file manager, install WordPress, manage domains, backups and security, view your database, and manage or create your email accounts.

At the same time, HostGator uses cPanel, which gives you the additional tools you need to manage your website and applications. It comes with Softaculous app installer to install many popular scripts and apps with one click.

Hostgator Data Center & Server Locations (2023)

So, our installation process was easy, as we were able to easily install WordPress on our test website. After installation, we were able to automatically log into our WordPress site through the HostGator portal to continue our testing and review.

In general, after testing the ease of use of the HostGator Portal, we can say that the integration of the traditional cPanel is cool and anyone can handle it. However, HostGator could have done a better job of developing a lighter control panel with a better interface than the traditional cPanel.

One of the most important tests we did during our HostGator 2023 review was related to speed and performance.

When it comes to website hosting, speed is very important. The web hosting service and fast servers provide unmatched speed and performance, resulting in fast page loading and low bounce rates. This will lead to higher customer retention and an increased chance of achieving SEO success. This means your business will be able to generate more traffic and sales, generating more revenue to help you grow faster.

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On the other hand, a website that loads slowly will do more harm to your business than good. Nobody likes slow sites, and neither does Google. A website that loads slowly will lead to higher bounce rates, less traffic and lower chances of SEO effectiveness. Additionally, your business page may not entertain your visitors enough to generate revenue from them.

Therefore, during our HostGator 2023 review, we tested their server speed using the most accurate performance tools, GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​​​Insights, and Pingdom. These tools will estimate the speed and performance of our websites when visited by real users or visitors.

The first tool we used in our HostGator review to test speed and performance was GTmetrix. GTmetrix is ​​a tool developed by Carbon60 to test website speed and performance by comparing results with benchmarks set by important web benchmarks. Inspects websites for performance issues and makes recommendations on how to fix them. Here are some of the metrics that GTmetrix uses in its analysis;

We started the GTmetrix speed and performance tests in our HostGator review with a simple site setup. Our HostGator tests were done with one of their managed WordPress plans; therefore, WP is automatically installed on the site. However, we have made a request to delete all plugins and inappropriate themes, leaving only the WP Super Cache plugin and twenty-two themes. Then we start our test without customizing the plugin and the theme.

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Our initial GTmetrix analysis gave us a TTFB of 195ms, indicating a fast server speed. This shows that our HostGator server can respond quickly to user browser requests to allow faster page loading which will improve your website’s SEO performance.

We recorded FCP and LCP at 274 ms and 421 ms, respectively. This is a sign that HostGator hard drives have transfer speeds that are perfect for fast transfer of complex media sites.

In addition, we recorded a CLS of 0.07, which is very bad because it shows a very unstable area. However, this result is a result of Twenty22’s content being poorly adjusted based on our observations in previous studies.

In addition, we recorded a very fast response time of 650ms. This is an impressive speed and shows that HostGator servers are able to deliver fast loading pages which will lead to excellent SEO performance.

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In addition, we recorded 99% and 97% performance and structure scores, respectively, and a GTmetrix grade of A. This shows that HostGator’s servers can deliver pages in the 1 percentile of Google’s best websites. Therefore, it ensures our chances of achieving SEO success up to the Core Web Vitals.

We decided to test how our HostGator site would perform when fully customized with components, images and other elements. Therefore, we install and open the Neve theme with one of the home pages and all its content. Next, we disabled Twenty Vendétêm, but left WP Super Cache uncustomized.

Our TTTB for a fully functional website was 178ms. This is an improvement over our initial test, which showed that HostGator’s servers respond faster to browser requests. Plus, it’s also one of the fastest TTFBs we’ve written for a fully functional website in the same review.

In addition, we recorded FCP and LCP at 305ms and 406ms, respectively. This is an improvement from our first test and one of the best features we noted in our review. LCP is better than what we recorded during the DreamHost review (444ms) and the Bluehost review (1s).

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At the same time, our CLS for this test was a perfect 0, indicating that the negative results we noted earlier were the result of the twenty-second content not being properly adjusted. It also ensures that our site will provide a good user experience for our visitors.

Overall, we recorded 100% and 97% performance and structure scores, respectively, with a GTmetrix grade of A. So, this shows that HostGator servers can quickly deliver websites that will be liked by Google in SEO and, subsequently, lead to higher income.

PageSpeed ​​​​Insights was the second speed and performance testing tool we used for our HostGator 2023 review.

It is a Google project designed to test the speed and performance of pages by comparing the results with the Core Web Vitals benchmark. It gives a performance score on a scale of 0-100, with 80 and above indicating a well-optimized website.

Hostgator Web Hosting Review 2023

PageSpeed ​​​​Insights also provide recommendations on how to fix performance issues that may be affecting your site. Overall, a good PageSpeed ​​​​Insights score indicates that Google finds your site quickly and easily. Therefore, your site will have a higher chance of higher SEO performance. Here are the results we recorded from our HostGator PageSpeed ​​​​Insights test:

From the results above, we can see that our HostGator servers can deliver fast web pages to mobile visitors. However, it is worse than what we recorded on GTmetrix because the devices were desktop computers.

This happens because mobile devices use slower processors than desktops, resulting in longer loading times or longer data transfer times.

From the PageSpeed ​​​​Insights desktop results in our HostGator review, we noticed similar results in our GTmetrix analysis of high-performing websites. This shows that Google sees our website faster and we will excel in SEO.

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We also tested our HostGator website with Pingdom from a server in Washington, DC, USA and recorded a load time of 693ms. Therefore, in our HostGator server review, we conclude that the fast loading speed that ensures SEO success is one of the reasons why you should consider using their service.

The next issue we tested in our HostGator 2023 review was how to respond to our server requests during peak hours or spikes in traffic.

Advertising is inevitable for any business with effective marketing and SEO efforts. This can happen when your business offers visitors a time-based discount, causing more customers to visit your site once. Traffic spikes can happen for many other reasons, and it’s important to make sure your server can handle them. Otherwise, it can lead to downtime, service disruptions and ultimately result in loss of revenue.

To test how powerful or limited HostGator’s servers can handle during peak hours, we use to send virtual visitors to our site. This will show us how many visitors our site can handle without slowing down or running at a certain time.

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In our first HostGator load test, we sent 20 visitors to our site in one minute. We

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