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Truck accidents are very sensitive cases that require an experienced Sacramento trucking attorney to ensure your safety. Accidents involving commercial vehicles can quickly become complicated, as victims suffer serious injuries, and often result in death. In addition, the truck driver is “technically” on the job when driving his vehicle, and therefore, many other factors come without a typical car accident.




Folsom Truck Accident Lawyer

Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP has over 25 years of experience handling serious personal injury cases involving drivers, chauffeurs and trucking companies. Our attorneys know how to deal with truck insurance companies, truck manufacturers and repair companies, and road construction businesses. Often these trucking accidents involve strict federal regulations and trucking requirements that drivers and their employers must follow.

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Because there is a two-year statute of limitations for trucking accidents in California, it is important to get advice about your personal injury case as soon as possible. Call our legal team at 916-782-8400 to start discussing your options today. Do not sign any contract until you have consulted with a Sacramento personal injury attorney about your rights.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries, such as brain and spinal injuries, that will affect you for the rest of your life. Although you are entitled to past and future compensation related to your injuries, it is difficult to accurately calculate your legal compensation without specific figures. An attorney can help you determine the value of your compensation, preventing the insurance company from offering a settlement that does not match the true value of your accident. Truck collisions can also be a concern because they involve trucking companies that have the most important symbol: the truck. These companies also have more resources than regular drivers. Working with a Sacramento truck accident attorney puts you in line with the best trucking companies, giving you the best solution for your case.

You may think that a commercial driver is responsible for your accident. But at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, we know that many parties can be wrong. When you hire our Sacramento trucking attorneys to represent you, we conduct a thorough investigation to identify all parties involved. Those who may be liable in a truck accident include:

Once we identify all the players, we can claim compensation for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, medical treatment, lost wages and more. Knowing the right person ensures that your case is handled properly. We are pursuing all possible avenues to recover as much as we can.

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When you first contact the truck accident attorneys at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, we will provide you with a free initial consultation. Through this consultation, one of our Sacramento attorneys will review your case, help you understand your rights, assess your chances of success, and discuss your legal options moving forward.

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll begin gathering the evidence needed to support your case. This process will include obtaining witnesses and other official reports to help determine the crime. After you recover from your injuries or cease to live, we will also collect medical records, bills and reports to calculate your damages.

We can also support the negotiation process. If we cannot reach an agreement with the insurance company, we can still file a claim and go to court. Throughout the process, we will provide you with the appropriate advice and support you need so that you can focus on recovery.

Truck drivers are trained professionals in the field of truck driving. Their job is to drive the trailer and they are responsible for delivering their cargo. Eighteen wheels can be difficult to maneuver; they have a lot of blind people and often the drivers are under a lot of pressure due to tight schedules and deadlines, especially truck drivers. These problems, however, do not constitute an excuse for large equipment to run poorly. In fact, a truck driver must follow a number of rules to avoid being considered negligent, such as maintaining current and valid travel/travel and medical certificates. Common causes of truck accidents in Sacramento, California include:

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Motorists must take proper precautions when driving their vehicles, and if they don’t, they are responsible for any accidents that follow.

No matter what the accident involved, the Sacramento truck accident attorney at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP is ready to help you file your claim.

Overloading or improperly loading a large truck can cause problems such as falling debris, flat tires and braking accidents. Our team represents people injured in trucking accidents and related cases. We seek the maximum compensation from all available sources to cover damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.

We are working with investigators and other experts to reconstruct the accident and determine which parties are responsible. Our truck accident attorneys in Sacramento will handle all issues and hold the insurance companies on your behalf to make sure you get what you deserve.

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Heavy trucks must be driven and operated differently than passenger cars. Understanding proper truck driving techniques is one of the responsibilities of a professional truck driver. Larger trucks require longer stopping distances, and as a result, speeding is a dangerous act of recklessness. If not handled properly, a large truck is a multi-ton weapon that can cause injuries and forever change the lives of innocent drivers. For example, it can take more than 500 meters for a truck to come to a complete stop, depending on the load and the asphalt. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčopens the door to not stopping in time and crashing into other cars.

A rear-end accident caused by speeding can also lead to a truck accident that can cause serious damage. The bottom line is that when drivers speed, they put people at risk and should be held accountable for the consequences of their actions. Sacramento truck accident investigators thoroughly investigate truck accidents; We will make every effort to obtain compensation from any sources we are responsible for.

Commercial trucks are common on Sacramento’s roads, but some areas experience more trucks than others. Some of the roads and highways for truck accidents are:

With many highways running through the Sacramento area, commercial trucks meet on busy roads, which can lead to accidents during rush hour. These accidents can lead to more collisions, as road closures increase the flow of distracted driving.

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You are walking down the street and suddenly you feel that you have been hit by a truck because you have hit it. Call 911 immediately and report any injuries. Even if no one is injured, you should call the police and report the accident. If possible, you should start documenting the event. Try to gather the following information from everyone involved:

You should also take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene, the damage to the car, your injuries, where the car is parked and the surrounding area. After gathering all the information, you should call your insurance company to report the accident. Just give basic information, never admit mistakes to anyone you talk to, and don’t sign anything. Your call should be to a qualified personal injury attorney in Sacramento.

At Kreeger Law Firm, our experienced attorneys serve clients in the Roseville and Sacramento areas, and we can help you with your recovery.

If you have been seriously injured due to reckless, negligent, or responsible driving, or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death, contact our law office today to begin discussing your options. Our personal injury law firm offers free consultations in our Roseville and Sacramento offices.

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We serve clients out of office and after hours. Your first consultation is always free. Call 916-782-8400 or send us a message online. We specialize in truck accidents in Northern California, including Sacramento County, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rocklin and Granite Bay.

Commercial trucks are one of the most important vehicles in the national economy. Truck trailers and other commercial vehicles transport goods across the country every day. Many families in California and across the country rely on trucks to get the products they need every day.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are the regulatory and regulatory agencies for the U.S. trucking industry. These organizations enforce a variety of rules and regulations for members of the trucking industry, from individual truckers to corporations, partnerships,

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