Email Configuration Guide: Managing Your Business Email With Hosting Gator


Email Configuration Guide: Managing Your Business Email With Hosting Gator – A common mistake we see new website builders make is using a generic domain name like @gmail, @hotmail, etc. to their WordPress email addresses.


Imagine receiving your confirmation email from a random email without your company’s brand name on the domain.




Email Configuration Guide: Managing Your Business Email With Hosting Gator

Not only is this bad for the brand, but it also fails to establish trust because the recipient has no way to verify that the email is from a legitimate sender.

Create Business Gmail Account

That’s why setting up a professional business email address on your website is non-negotiable in today’s world.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a free business email for your website so you can position yourself as a professional and reliable organization.

A business email address includes your company’s domain name, which gives credibility and credibility to your emails. [email protected] is an example of a business email.

Just to be clear – it’s impossible to get a free business email with a perfect website, just like that

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However, you can take advantage of some web hosting services that offer free email addresses that end in your own name.

Websites like Bluehost offer free professional email (up to 3 months) and hosting plans. Since these web hosting plans offer so much of themselves, including free email addresses, they are ‘almost free’ solutions to get business email addresses.

We’ve done all the research for you, and we have 2 different hosting providers that you can use to create your own domain and email address. We will walk the path step by step.

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress web hosting services. It is also a leading domain registrar and offers 3 months of free private email and hosting packages. And its prices are also very cheap in the hosting market.

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You can get a basic website layout plan for beginners or if you need a free business account for your small business:

Basically, this is a quick look at Bluehost’s plans. Be sure to check the details carefully before choosing a plan.

Just type your business name in the box to search for a domain name. You can also use letters, numbers, and suffixes.

Once you’ve chosen your domain, it’s time to go ahead and open your account. Just enter your payment details here and submit the form.

Using A Custom From Address

Bluehost may ask you if you want to add an add-on to your hosting plan. We recommend that you remove everything and do not add additional services at this time. You can add extras later if you need them.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your hosting account. You will now receive a Bluehost welcome email with your login details.

Building a professional email business with Bluehost is easy. Now that we have set up our domain, the next step is easy.

Log in to your new Bluehost cPanel account and click on Email and Office. Click the domain, and then click Administration.

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Bluehost will ask you to choose a username and password. Your username appears before the @ symbol in your email.

Below, click Create to create a unique, strong password for your email account. It is very important to have a password that protects your email from spammers.

That’s right! You’ve created your first professional address for your business. If you need to create multiple accounts, repeat these steps.

The second important thing is to access the new email account to check and send emails.

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If you don’t have a standard email program installed, Bluehost will prompt you to choose one. It doesn’t matter who you choose.

Bluehost also lets you sync your business email for free from your phone or computer. Use the instructions on the right to access these settings.

Now that your email is ready, you can consider creating a website with Bluehost. This article shows the cost of the site to help you get the best price.

HostGator is an affordable hosting company that can double as an email service provider, as it offers you a free business account and hosting plan.

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Like Bluehost, you don’t need to have a ready-made business website. You can sign up today and start using your free business email and domain name.

All these programs are shared hosting plans. If you’re not sure what that means, read our article on shared vs. managed WordPress.

Be sure to check out the plan comparisons on HostGator’s website before deciding which plan to buy. Then click the Buy Now button to continue.

HostGator offers you a free domain and hosting plan. You can use the domain for your free business account immediately.

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Find the domain you want in the search box and press Enter. To make sure your website and email look professional, you need to include your company name in the domain. If your website is available, HostGator will highlight it with a green icon.

Now you can guess and fill in the rest of the page. You can download a secure domain password here:

In step 2, make sure that the correct hosting plan is selected from the drop-down menu. Then fill in your personal details in section 3, and your payment details in section 4.

In section 5 of the registration page, HostGator will add additional services to your account. Again, we recommend you download everything now. You can add these services later if you need them.

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It takes about 5 minutes for HostGator to set up your account. If the icon turns blue, you’re good to go.

HostGator offers unlimited storage on all plans, so we recommend setting your message size to Unlimited.

You can set up an email if you want, but the last thing we need to do is log in to the website. Webmail is like an email client that runs in your browser.

You can choose the email address you want to use to access your account. Everyone will do well.

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If you want to add your free business account on your phone or PC, the instructions are still on one screen.

You can get 100% free email ending with @ for your Gmail account, or @ address.

Alternatively, if you already pay for Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), you can set Gmail aliases so that your emails appear to come from an email address in your domain. Microsoft Outlook offers similar options if you prefer the web.

The advantage of using services like Gmail or Outlook is that cloud storage comes as part of the package. Gmail’s spam filter is also known to be good.

How To Create A Domain Based Email Address For Business

Another option is to use a business email service such as Zoho Mail. However, it will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year, depending on how much you need to raise.

So when creating your email, try to make the domain specific to your business and easy to type. Read these tips on how to choose a domain name if you need some ideas.

One last tip. When you register your domain for your email address, you must also choose a domain name extension. We ask you to choose

The only way to create a business email without a domain is to use a public email service like Gmail.

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But it is not acceptable for business because an email address without a domain name shows that it is unprofessional and unreliable.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you sign up at the business level and use a web-based email so that you can create a recognizable email address that customers can trust.

No, the news@ email address is not a business email address. This is because @info is so widely used that it is difficult to identify specific emails in the inbox.

However, using your first name is good business practice because it makes the customer feel unique.

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Personal interaction is great for retaining your customers and providing a great overall experience for your audience.

Now that you have a new email address, you might want to share it. But sometimes, sharing email online is not a good idea.

If you share your email address, you may receive spam or junk mail. You may also be added to a marketing email list that you do not wish to join. The same goes for sharing your phone number on your website or social media.

Instead, we recommend that you publish a contact page on your website. You can easily send email alerts to your new email address, so you can still receive messages without anyone tampering with your new address to write to you.

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For more information, check out our article on the difference between email publishing vs. landing page publishing. Note: you get an unlimited free trial and multiple connections to speed up your work.

If you are worried

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