Dealing With 404 Errors: Troubleshooting Your Website With Hosting Gator


Dealing With 404 Errors: Troubleshooting Your Website With Hosting Gator – Spoiler alert: This article is not about listing “best practices” for showing examples of cute images paired with clunky text on 404 error pages. Instead, it’s about really good 404 interactions and the importance of 404 pages in a search engine. Optimization (SEO). In this article, you will learn why 404 error pages are important and how to fix them.


As soon as you land on a 404 error page, you’ll know something went wrong! Maybe it’s because the page no longer exists, the URL you entered was wrong, or the link you clicked led to a dead end… whatever the reason, a 404 error page marks a critical breaking point for yours, and therefore, the user’s experience when they land on your 404 page: it disrupts their flow, causes them frustration and requires them to find their way back – no doubt many questions for those you want to interact with on your product and brand. This is why you should pay attention to the design and copy of your 404 page, otherwise users risk losing interest in your site at this stage and simply ignoring it. And rejection in most cases is a clear sign that your work experience is bad.




Dealing With 404 Errors: Troubleshooting Your Website With Hosting Gator

However, the fact that users are leaving your site is not only a problem for the user experience, but also for your site’s SEO. But why is this? It’s quite simple: everyone wants to be seen and found on the first pages of a search engine. For our example, we’ll use Google. So, if you are not working in “paid search”, you need to take care of organic positioning, which is affected by Google’s algorithm. The algorithm relies on tracking user behavior, which means determining whether a good or bad user interaction affects your average ranking, if it can be tracked. This brings us back to the importance of good UX/UI design for websites and 404 error pages. As long as you engage with users and direct them to your website (including error pages) the way they expect it, your Google rankings will be good. . However, if you break these simple rules, your favorite search engine will pay you.

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Now that you have an idea of ​​how a good 404 error page can positively affect both visitor engagement and your site’s SEO ranking, it’s time to create the perfect 404 error page. Turn this potentially negative experience into a positive one by showing users how to return to a great experience on your site and the relevant content they’re looking for! Here are some simple steps to correct this:

Part of a good user experience is clearly identifying and flagging errors. Therefore, in most cases, it is better not to include automatic links instead of 404 pages that return users to your landing page (for example). As we all know: nothing is perfect! We all have (website) errors, so let’s show the world how to deal with them: with beautiful and functional design, with copy that explains what happened and what users can do to get back on the right path.

But being transparent and helpful is great, you can do more! In addition to images and text elements, your 404 error page should also include potential features that can be integrated into the error page, such as a search bar, a way for users to report of broken links, a contact page, or a contact form.

In addition to specific functions, links can also provide great benefits to the user experience: they allow users to retrieve, navigate, and clearly see the next step in front of them. Some useful links for your 404 error page are your home page, your most popular blog articles, your most popular or important product/category page, so-called “lead magnets” (mag -download of technical documentation, demo registration, etc.) and offers (voucher code, etc.).

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Don’t think of your 404 page as an important item in your site’s dusty closet. It has the ability to set the stage for a great brand experience for your visitors. So, get creative, show your brand face and express yourself with a beautifully designed error page.

Last but not least, some examples and best practices of well-designed 404 error pages. Be inspired and have fun!

In addition to brand-specific content and graphics, Tripadvisor also shows you how to create a 404 error page properly:

1. The site menu with the search window remains visible 2. Quick access to the most used and useful categories

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Everyone wants to be safe when booking flights for their next trip. By providing quick access to important categories as well as menus, Emirate provides peace of mind and header security, while also offering contact support and a sitemap web page to get a better page overview – a great way to help users navigate away from 404 error pages.

By creating incentives (here: special members and top products) to keep users on the page while promoting/selling specific products, you get two birds with one stone.

If you need a quick fix for a 404 error page, keep it (at least) classic and simple:

2. Simple: redirect users to the home page or, in this example, the support page (or other useful page)

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And if you still have time left, because the first two steps are implemented quickly as promised:

COBE does not provide any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. To answer the question of why we still talk about SEO in our blogs and include it in the design process: Google’s goal is to “organize the world’s information and make it accessible.” Universally accessible and useful.” A good user experience is crucial to achieving this goal, and that’s why Google is tracking user behavior better and better, automatically influencing factors in ranking every website in the world, and this leads to the need for good UX, which again.. .this is our passion. So stay tuned for the knowledge we want to share with you.

Amra is a UX/UI designer at COBE and delights us and our clients with her creative and insightful design and visible SEO knowledge. When she’s not creating, she’s probably enjoying good food and wine with friends or showing off her creativity and ingenuity with DIY projects around the house.

UI/UX Design Nov 22, 2023 Estimated Value: 7 Reasons You Can’t Ignore UX Research.JuliaUX Researche. In relation to a computer network, the HTTP 404 not found, 404, error 404, 404, page not found or file not found error message is a standard Hypertext Protocol (HTTP) response code to indicate that the browser can communicate with the server this, but the server cannot find the content. content is requested. An error can also be used when the server does not want to reveal whether it has the requested information or not. In other words, something is wrong when you browse the web.

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This is a common (and perhaps the main) problem of every user. Imagine the situation: you’re trying to buy/order/ship something, and you get the last part, press a button, and… ugh! Error 404. What could be more annoying?

At first, to create the design, I asked some friends and relatives about this situation, and the main answer I got was “What can I do?” Since there are no further options, they leave the page.

I decided to try putting each note into a should, could, and should section, and here’s the final design:

First, I tried to avoid red, yellow or bright colors, this is a mistake, but users should stay calm. Of the many potential errors you may see on your website, 404 Not Found errors are some of the easier ones to fix. But that doesn’t mean you or your visitors try to browse your site and keep getting a 404 Not Found error message. 😒

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This is the last thing you want potential customers to see from your brand for the first time. 404 errors can also be a sign that something has changed or moved and you may need to add a 301 redirect for SEO.

In this post, we’ll try to help you get your website up and running by explaining a few things below.

The HTTP 404 error, also known as 404 Not Found, is a common response code that indicates that your browser accessed the server but could not find the requested resource. This is usually caused by a problem with your DNS settings, incorrect file permissions, or a problem with your .htaccess file.

. Visitors will see a 404 error because, although your web server is working fine, the requested resource does not exist.

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