Content Editing Guide: Creating High-quality Content With Hosting Gator


Content Editing Guide: Creating High-quality Content With Hosting Gator – There is a simple, solid path that anyone can follow to create great content. Here it is, in nine simple and easy steps.


Think about what interests you. Make a list of things you know well, things people like to hear about, and topics you’re passionate about that will get you there.




Content Editing Guide: Creating High-quality Content With Hosting Gator

Collect websites, blogs, books, and other sources with the best writing and reporting on your topic. Keep adding new items and removing low value items.

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Everyday. Good things, lots of them. Follow important sources on your topic. Analyze what works. Read the bad things too. Ask yourself, “What makes things bad?” »

Remember when you saw this piece and realized what was missing, or did it trigger a related thought that was distracting you? Do you record it, file it away with your notes and ideas? That’s what writers do. Do this.

Have an editorial meeting, get a few colleagues together, tell them about the good things they’ve read recently, and come up with one or two important topics. Share your ideas Think of it as an article everyone wants to read. Now give them to each other. Repeat every week.

Deadlines provide focus and motivation. To really work, they need to be shared. Put it on the editorial calendar. Stick to your deadlines. Ask someone else to push you to meet the deadline. Hold others to your deadline.

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It’s a natural extension of reading, taking notes, and revising your ideas with colleagues. Know Your Angle Share anecdotes that help explain your point of view. Erase Do not use words you do not understand. Don’t waste your words by using them carelessly.

Good content is part of good publishing. You need an editor. Ask them to make sure that what you write is clear and logical. Ask him to be generous with praise. Talk about the changes it has made. Focus on what benefits the reader, not your ego.

Writing good content isn’t complicated, but it takes a few steps, the more you do it, the easier it gets. As a marketing medium, video content is becoming increasingly popular across all platforms. Not only are the algorithms of most social media platforms favoring video content, but apps are being built with short videos as the main content – ​​and it’s no wonder that there will be 48 billion digital video viewers worldwide by the end of 2023. . .

So how can you ensure that the video content you create serves its purpose and doesn’t leave you struggling for nothing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As an agency, we recently won Best Use of Social Media at the Drama Awards and Silver at the 2022 B2B Marketing Awards for Best Use of Social Media or Influence. For this campaign, the team enlisted business influencers participating in various challenges. To promote the product’s core message to our customer, Bosch Professional. That means we not only know how to create award-winning video content, we know how to have fun doing it. So here are our top tips for creating video content.

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Start and continue as you wish…. Alignment Before you start dreaming up big production ideas and thinking about what will be filmed, you need to think about your goals and expected results from the project. This essential information will determine the decisions you need to make for your project.

Make sure you know what you’re trying to accomplish with the video: are you promoting a new product/service, delivering a new campaign message, or simply increasing brand awareness? Having clear goals and objectives is essential to creating effective content from the start.

Another thing to keep in mind is the platform it will be displayed on. This is important because different platforms have specific limits on how long a video can be made and the required dimensions of the video. TikToks can only be up to three minutes long, while YouTube videos cannot be longer than 15 minutes if you have a verified account.

In addition, the choice of platform depends a lot on the type of audience you want to attract. And once you’ve chosen your platform, you can start thinking about the storyline, whether or not you need voiceovers, and many other elements that will actually appear in your video.

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Everything from storyboards to scripts and works must be carefully thought out and delivered to your team. At this planning stage, Excel is your best friend. We’ve found that creating a master Excel document where each major planning section can be separated into sheets is beneficial when the team is working on a photo. Tasks can be easily delegated and monitored, while having all the information you need for fast delivery. It also helps you to keep the overall budget. Starting with your budget and working backwards means you’re less likely to overspend on unnecessary equipment, time and supplies.

One of the tabs we like to use is the list of programs. This is the sheet where you can break down your scene into the details you need for each shot and frame. Here you can also assign tasks and responsibilities to each person. For example, in our #ReadyForAnything video, one of the challenges was using an aquarium. Therefore, in this part of the list of plans, the responsibility of finding and buying an aquarium has been assigned to a specific team member. It not only allows you to effectively manage pre-shoot planning, but also clearly defines the items, scenes and images to be captured on the day.

It’s tempting to get carried away with all the fun video recording creations, but your legal form should never be forgotten! Make sure you prioritize getting the important paperwork done so you can get back to the fun part. To make it easier for you, here is a very quick checklist of the main legal forms you should mark for each photo.

Editing should be considered throughout the video process. When you think about what you want the camera to capture, think about things like how to convey each shot, what specific words or images should be displayed on the screen, or what sound effects should be added.

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On the day itself, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with participant needs or extra ideas for the day, but always remember how much film you have to turn around and how long it will actually take. When cutting between shots or reshooting certain sections, think about how easily the two pieces of footage fit together.

Once you’ve finished filming, it’s time to carefully choose which shots will appear in the final video. If you’ve got 12 hours of footage from four cameras, now’s the time to go back to your shot list to check the angles you expect in those shots. It’s your prior planning that helps you prioritize your recording.

We recommend using Vimeo to share drafts, as it’s a great platform for time-stamped edits, which means giving and receiving feedback is a much smoother process.

It takes time to prepare for filming. Even the best actors and actresses need time to warm up – that’s why we all love blooper loops! If you are outside, make sure everyone is prepared for the weather. And make sure you have enough food and drink for the whole team and those filming: a happy team is a well-hydrated team.

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Above all, be prepared for some unexpected things. You must be able to think on your feet and adapt to a variety of different situations. Just stay calm and figure out how to solve any problem effectively. For example, just before filming the #ReadyForAnything content, Hurricane Eunice hit the UK. We could postpone the shoot, but that would create a logistical nightmare. However, the team quickly adjusted their plans and arranged to be able to film the contents inside. Fortunately, the weather was clear during the day, which allowed the rest of the content to be filmed outdoors.

Check your shot while shooting. Are there spare coffee cups to collect? A water bottle that can be moved an inch to the left? It’s these small details that can really make a difference in video quality.

And of course, don’t forget to have fun! If you make sure everyone is smiling and having fun, the atmosphere is sure to shine through to your audience on camera and on screen.

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