Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me


Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me – The Atlanta commercial vehicle accident attorneys at The Graham Firm can help you obtain compensation after any commercial vehicle accident that was not your fault.


Fair compensation is important to your future after a car accident leaves you unable to go to work, care for family, or walk.




Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

The quality of your life and the care you receive throughout your life are directly affected by the outcome of your Georgia car accident claim

Ny Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are considering suing a large corporation or trucking company, you need a car accident attorney who knows how to evaluate claims and recover the most money.

I have nothing but good things to say about this company, they helped me mentally through the whole process in a traffic accident, not to mention the other driver friend pulled the gun away from me, both DUI’s, no license, they let me through. Leave my worries and understand how incredible you must be when you work hard every day and something like this happens on your doorstep, Graham Farms is who I would contact if it happened again, and if a friend or my family. Need a lawyer, which I would agree with If I had been the at-fault driver, or had waited for my own insurance company or no-fault driver’s insurance to bail me out, I would have lost more jobs than I would have. Graham’s company showed up and got me the help I needed, thank you all for your patience and understanding and all the hard work you put into this process.

My case manager was very nice and made the process easy and understandable He checked on me regularly and was very organized Thank you!

I had the best experience with The Graham Farm Everyone I dealt with was friendly and professional They are always easy to reach by phone or email If I have a question I never wait long for an answer Throughout the process, I received numerous phone calls and emails to check on my progress and my physical and mental health. I would recommend this company 10/10 to anyone

Boise Truck Accident Lawyer

You don’t have to go to a car insurance company alone after an injury or accident – and the life of a loved one

Insurance companies will try every denial, delay and defense in their book, trying to get you to pay as much as possible.

At The Graham Company, we stop this tactic before it starts We try to find the maximum amount for your medical, unemployment, and pain and suffering expenses

To get the maximum payout for your serious injuries, hire an Atlanta car accident attorney with a proven track record of conviction.

Phoenix Truck Accident Attorney

The top car accident attorneys at The Graham Firm are able to recover the most money because we are dedicated to preparing each case for trial. We don’t take shortcuts If no judgment is reached immediately, the attorneys at our law firm will fight for our client’s judgment, or jury privilege.

The state of Georgia defines a commercial vehicle as “any vehicle weighing 10,001 lbs or more.” This includes trucks, tractor trailers and buses The trucking industry includes FedEx and UPS trucks, and Amazon delivers trucks almost everywhere these days.

Although commercial drivers can cause accidents, you usually don’t deal directly with the driver’s insurance company Your claim can be made against the driver’s employer, their insurance company and other third parties

Although drivers, cyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are not always at fault, many commercial vehicle accidents are not their fault. Some of the leading causes of car accidents in Atlanta include:

Truck Accident Lawyers

Car accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents are unique and complex situations with more complex insurance policies There may be many entities that pay for an accident, including the trucking company, the trucking driver, the trucking company, the retailer, and the trucking company.

C. R. – A young woman was crushed on the interstate when the driver refused to yield to the back of our client’s interstate. The client was ejected from his vehicle and suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken bones and other injuries After years of litigation in federal court, the trucking company settled before trial.

N. T – A mother of three died in Griffin after her car was rear-ended by a tractor operated and operated by a Pennsylvania trucking company. After a lawsuit was filed on behalf of his estate, a settlement was reached before trial.

Y.S.B. – An elderly woman was injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver. Determine all rights reserved prior to trial

Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyer

J.S./Q.B – Two young men were killed after being run over by a Barnesville police officer about 100 yards while crossing a state highway. When high speed search is not allowed After the lawsuit was filed, the city decided to freeze the insurance policy.

E.S. – A driver was seriously injured when his home collided head-on with another tractor-trailer on a Mississippi interstate. The case settled after mediation failed due to a tort ban in the state of Miss., and no insurance coverage.

I.P. – A father of two was shot to death in his Dunwoody apartment in a self-inflicted robbery. After a lawsuit was filed and successful responses to various attempts to expunge documents from the apartment complex, the defendants settled the case after mediation.

M. B. – Heavy rain hits store A discount department store in Griffin collapsed and fell to the ground this morning after a heavy downpour. Failed to properly warn customers of a dangerous situation. M. B. Rotator cuff and other injuries require surgery and physical therapy. After the lawsuit was filed, a settlement was reached before trial.

Boulder City Truck Accident Lawyer & Law Firm

A.W. – A mother from Griffin, who was injured in a car accident, needs surgery on her knee. A decision on the statute of limitations was made before the suit was filed.

C.H. – A young man was injured in a car accident in Mableton when a truck stopped in front of him. The client suffered cuts and bruises on the arm. A decision on the statute of limitations was made before the suit was filed.

G. A. – An elderly Columbus woman was injured after being hit by a car while walking on the street. Our clients have multiple injuries that require surgery and rehabilitation The accused party has no remaining assets and the case is time-barred before filing suit.

W. E. – An elderly man was injured in a car accident in Griffin when a woman backed out of her yard and crashed into his car. The patient requires physical therapy and complete rehabilitation A trial is held before a lawsuit is filed.

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Commercial vehicles account for only 4% of all registered vehicles, but 9% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes, according to the National Safety Council. Car accidents often cause serious injuries to those who survive, such as:

In Georgia, and all states, you have a limited amount of time after an accident to pursue a claim for your injuries There are three things that everyone should do as soon as possible after an accident:

1. Save Evidence: Videos and photos from the scene of the accident will document the event and can be important to the investigation and prosecution if you do. Whenever possible, ask a police officer to write it out You have more evidence of what happened and how Damage information for all vehicles involved, your injury and incident recall Text, video, photo and voice memos can be used Get the names and contact information of witnesses and other parties involved

2. Get medical attention: Don’t delay going to the emergency room or urgent care Your medical record is important to your physical health and well-being but also important evidence linking your injuries to your physical injuries and costs. If you delay in seeking treatment, the insurance company will try to make a case that your claim is not as serious as it should be

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3. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney: Most trucking companies have a “go team” of attorneys and investigators that will be available immediately after an accident. The truck can be towed hundreds of miles away in a matter of hours, and in case of severe damage, the car will either be repaired or quickly destroyed If you hire an attorney right away, they can tell the trucking company right away that the claim is pending, and require keeping (and not destroying) the first sign of debris. claim profesional lawyer

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