Building Effective Landing Pages: Hosting Gator Strategies For High Conversions


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With eye-opening low prices and unlimited storage, bandwidth, and page views, HostGator’s shared hosting plans are very attractive.




Building Effective Landing Pages: Hosting Gator Strategies For High Conversions

However, as this review shows, there is more to consider when choosing a web host than low prices, seemingly generous bonuses, and brand name recognition.

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Below, we explore not only the features you can access with shared hosting, but also what kind of load times and other levels of performance you can expect by paying a few dollars a month for one of the plans. of their income level.

When you read our evaluation of its features, check the data from our Pingdom site speed monitoring system, and see the results of our Load Impact tests, you get the -all the information you need to determine whether to load or not. HostGator is the right server for your website.

↪️ Note: For those looking for hosting specifically optimized for WordPress, check out this other post comparing the best managed WordPress hosting services.

It hosts more than 8 million domains and has more than 850 employees to support its customers 24/7. In fact, if support is your top priority, HostGator may be the company for you, as their partner plans include 24/7/365 access to support staff via chat live, email and phone.

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However, HostGator is not for everyone. For starters, it is now owned by the sometimes controversial Endurance International Group (EIG), along with many other hosts such as Bluehost. So if you’re looking for a small boutique or self-hosted web host, HostGator might not be the right choice for you.

That said, when it comes to value for money, HostGator is hard to beat, at least on paper. With that in mind, let’s start by looking at the cost of HostGator’s shared hosting plans.

If affordability is one of the main criteria when choosing a web host, HostGator has attractively priced shared hosting plans:

All plans include a free SSL certificate that you can easily apply to your website from your account dashboard. There’s also a 45-day money-back guarantee that gives you time to try the service risk-free.

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You can also transfer your WordPress website and/or cPanel website and account to HostGator for free, and if you pay for 12 months or more, you get free domain name registration; This can save you about $10. But if you want domain privacy, you’ll have to pay $14.95 a year for it; Therefore, it may make more financial sense to purchase your domain name separately.

In the rest of this review, we’ll cover other features and what you can get with these plans.

As you can see, the prices of the plans vary because the discount is applied to the customer’s first invoice. Also, the more months you pay for hosting in advance, the more discounts you get.

If you can pay up to 36 months in advance, it is possible to keep the promotion for up to three years. However, the downside is that after the 45-day cash-back period, you’re locked into a contract that can last up to three years.

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You’ll pay a higher fee when you renew your plan or decide to pay several months in advance. This non-promotional price may be as high as the amount in the bracket above, depending on how many months you prepay when you renew.

Although it can be a little confusing, HostGator’s website has complete information on the pricing of shared plans.

Another notable detail of HostGator’s plans is that, unlike other popular hosting providers, there are no limits or permissions on storage, bandwidth or site type. Instead, according to marketing information, everything is unlimited to make your website as big and popular as possible.

HostGator customers must abide by the Terms of Service and “only use disk space and bandwidth for the proper operation of their personal or small business website.” While this is a bit vague, it gives an example to help clarify what it means: ‘Customers using 25% or more of system resources for more than 90 seconds will be in violation of our Terms of Service.’ However, this does not fully clarify the situation.

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If you are concerned about how much bandwidth or disk space your HostGator account is using, you will receive an email asking you to reduce your usage.

According to marketing materials, ‘It is extremely rare for a customer running a personal or small business website to exceed our usage policies.’

While this is reassuring, some readers prefer to know their usage limits so they can make an informed decision when choosing a plan for their website. For example, SiteGround’s shared hosting plans have monthly storage and visit limits, while GoDaddy’s shared hosting plans have storage limits.

However, if you’re just starting out with a new website or want to host a small local business site or similar project, complying with HostGator’s General Plans Terms of Service shouldn’t be a problem.

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As your website and audience grow, you can switch to a new server or upgrade to one of HostGator’s higher performance plans.

While this is a review of HostGator’s shared hosting service, it should be noted that it also offers WordPress-focused plans.

While you can host WordPress websites on common shared hosting plans, HostGator’s WordPress hosting service includes many additional features that WordPress users may find useful.

For a slightly higher price ($5.95 for the WordPress entry-level plan, $2.75 for the general entry-level plan), you get a simpler account management dashboard optimized for users and websites of WordPress and additional security features through SiteLock. . Subscription via CodeGuard subscription (more on this later) and better backup functionality. Included in the WordPress plans, these two subscriptions are offered as paid add-ons to the general plans.

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Customers who subscribe to WordPress plans will have their websites hosted on services optimized for this software, resulting in faster loading times. However, as mentioned in the performance testing section of this review, we did not find this to be the case at all.

In addition to looking at the features of the HostGator plans shared in this review, we will also talk about the main differences between the WordPress plans.

As mentioned earlier, all shared plans include a free SSL certificate, migration of your existing WordPress website or cPanel account to HostGator, and a free domain name if you pay for a year or more. So, as soon as you sign up, you should have everything you need to get started with your new website.

But that’s not all you can get with HostGator. Before we get into the bottom line of our HostGator speed test results, in this section of our review, we’ll take a look at what features make up the cheapest shared hosting plans.

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If you are planning to create a new WordPress website and do not want to use a free migration service to migrate an existing WordPress website or cPanel account to HostGator, the fastest way to get started is to use Softaculous or QuickInstall. Double click WordPress.

Both options are very easy to use and after entering a few details your new WordPress installation.

Once you’ve installed WordPress this way and logged into your dashboard, you’ll see some additional plugins installed automatically, including MOJO Marketplace (owned by the same company as HostGator) and free versions of WPForms and Google Analytics. From MonsterInsights to WordPress. There is also a pre-installed plugin that allows you to use OptinMonster on your website, but you will need a premium OptinMonster account to use this service on your site.

While some of these add-on plugins are considered open source software, WPForms is a useful tool for adding contact forms to WordPress, and if you’re looking for a premium theme for your website, you might want to check out the options available in the MOJO Market. WordPress dashboard. If you do not plan to use these plugins, you can easily disable and deactivate them.

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If you don’t want to install WordPress yourself, you can let HostGator do it for you. Starting at $99, you can install WordPress on HostGator, get a $49 theme credit, and then use HostGator to install any theme you want.

You can pay more to create demo content for your theme and perform a few additional website setup tasks.

However, since both QuickInstall and Softaculous are so simple, paying for this service is unnecessary for most people.

All of HostGator’s shared plans allow you to backup your cPanel account at any time. as cPanel

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