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Baytown Truck Accident Lawyer – A settlement is reached before most dog bite lawsuits are filed, and this is the victim’s guide to settling dog bite cases. When it comes to insurance companies, a pretrial settlement is an option to resolve the matter without going through a lengthy trial and a dog bite lawsuit that takes longer and requires more legal fees.


Of course, every dog ​​bite point is different, and there are many things that both parties must consider before deciding whether a settlement will produce a fair outcome and adequately compensate the victim.




Baytown Truck Accident Lawyer

Remember that even though the settlement may seem ideal, dog bites can have consequences that may not be apparent until later in life. Therefore, you should always have your scars checked by a doctor and also be aware of the type of scars that develop over time as well as what the scar revision process will look like. By doing so, you ensure that your dog attorney can seek the maximum compensation for any damages resulting from a dog bite.

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At any point in the process, the defendant or plaintiff can make a settlement offer for the dog bite. A verdict has not yet been issued and the case has not been sent to court. Remember that you always need the help of an experienced attorney to make sure that the settlement is a reasonable offer and that you do not risk losing if you accept it.

It is not long before the plaintiff’s attorney files a compensation claim in hopes of reaching a settlement before the case goes to trial. In most cases, the defendant’s attorney or the insurance company will file some form of settlement in court.

If the defendant or the insurance company comes to the table with an offer, they will likely try to get away with paying less than what you are entitled to if the case goes to trial. Therefore, you should document all medical expenses, lost wages, and damages resulting from a dog attack and consult with a personal injury attorney before agreeing to a settlement.

During discovery, both parties have the opportunity to cross-examine evidence, subpoena witnesses to testify, and use any other methods of gathering evidence and evidence relevant to the case. This is usually the most time-consuming part of the case, as it is intended to provide a good overview of what will be presented at trial if the case reaches this point.

Baytown Truck Accident Lawyer

Here, too, each side has the opportunity to clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of the other side, because this shows the strength or weakness of the issue. After the discovery process, the court may order mediation (formally known as alternative dispute resolution) to allow the parties to reach a resolution with the help of a neutral mediator who oversees this part of the process. Basically, this is an opportunity to settle the case without a trial.

Most personal injury claims that reach this stage are usually settled out of court. Especially if it turns out that the other party is responsible for the damage and injury caused by the dog bite. However, there is always the possibility that a settlement may not be reached and that a trial may be necessary to resolve the matter.

Only about 2 to 5 percent of personal injury claims make it to trial because by the time they have the chance, the parties usually agree to some form of settlement. For the small number of cases that reach this stage, it can take more than two years for the trial to begin. This deadline may be extended due to the closure of courts due to the Corona virus.

In most cases, a trial is conducted to present evidence and findings to a jury. Based on the evidence and testimony, the jury will decide the just outcome of the case. Generally, this is a lengthy process and can take a lot of time. It is especially important to have an experienced dog bite attorney represent you at this time.

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This depends on the severity of your injury, the loss of income due to your inability to work, and many other factors. There is no single cure for dog bites, and it is likely that the true effects will not be fully apparent for many months (or even years).

The average cost of a dog bite in 2019 was over $44,000, and that number continues to rise every year. If you have been bitten by a dog in the Houston area, call my office at 713-572-6446 so I can help determine the right amount for your case and get you the compensation you are entitled to. Finding the right attorney after a serious accident is the first step to protecting your family’s financial future.

There is nothing more painful than losing a family member. The pain is more painful when someone dies because of someone else’s carelessness. When a truck driver breaks safety rules or a trucking company chooses profit over safety, pain quickly turns to anger. Contact one of the top 18 accident lawyers in Houston for help. Not all car accident lawyers have the experience that car accident victims need.

Dealing with a truck driver insurance company and presenting a strong case requires knowledge and experience. Many law firms claim to be “car accident lawyers”, but few have the qualifications and experience to back it up.

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Attorney Greg Baumgartner has been representing Texas families in traffic death cases for over three decades and has a track record of winning unprecedented victories. Please see our results page to see some of our truck accident wins.

In the most recent statistics available, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that there were 822 fatalities and commercial accidents statewide last year.

The state of Texas offers a remedy for the loss of a loved one called a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death law allows surviving family members to file a lawsuit to recover damages for the loss of a family member.

Texas law states that spouses, children, and parents of a deceased person can file a wrongful death claim. Siblings are not eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas.

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Texas law also protects the decedent’s estate to compensate for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering suffered by the decedent before his death. A survivorship claim is a separate claim from a wrongful death claim. If the victim lives for some time after the accident, a wrongful death attorney will file a wrongful death claim and a survivorship claim in the same situation.

If a truck driver is at fault and causes an accident, the truck driver and the trucking company, also known as the “car carrier,” are usually charged in a wrongful death lawsuit. Others may be held liable in whole or in part if their actions contribute to an accident or wrongful death. Hire the best Houston wrongful death attorney to help with your accident investigation as soon as possible.

Federal motor vehicle safety regulations require trucking companies to have a minimum commercial policy of $750,000. An auto carrier usually covers at least $1 million, and there are often several additional levels of coverage in addition to the basic policy.

We have been fighting for our family’s financial future for over three decades after a commercial vehicle accident. Our track record of results in shipping cases speaks for itself.

Truck Accident Lawyer

In addition to being nationally recognized for his truck accident cases, Attorney Greg Baumgartner limits the number of cases he handles in order to provide our clients with the best service available.

Call us today for a free consultation at 1-866-758-4529. We will not charge you any fees until we receive the funds on your behalf.

Call us to speak with an award winning Texas truck accident attorney at (281) 893-0760 or toll free at 1-866-758-4529.

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