Automatic Update Guide: Keeping Security And Performance With Hosting Gator


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Updating WordPress sites used to be difficult with older versions, but with the release of WordPress 3.7, automatic updates for security releases and other minor fixes have become the norm.




Automatic Update Guide: Keeping Security And Performance With Hosting Gator

Automatic updates are great because they allow all security improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements to sites without the involvement of a site administrator. But they can also crash your site sometimes, so you should have a backup to avoid any inconvenience.

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But here is the catch. There is an easy and safe way to automatically update your site and not worry about any site crashes, for example with SafeUpdates.

SafeUpdates creates automatic backups and lets you easily roll back to previous versions if you don’t want to keep making changes.

This blog shows you how to manage automatic WordPress updates and how to use SafeUpdates to automate plugin, theme and core updates all at once.

WordPress 3.7 introduced automatic updates to improve security and simplify site management. These automatic updates in WordPress are open for all minor versions and scheduled maintenance and security releases to keep your sites up to date.

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Automatic updates are enabled on most sites, you can configure it according to your needs.

Get all the essential plugins, themes and updates for your WordPress sites for less than $2 a month, saving you hours of manual work.

There are several ways you can manage automatic WordPress updates, but here I’ll cover four easy methods that experts prefer. These methods require some coding knowledge, but to make it easier for non-technical users, I’ve included the downloadable code below. Let’s begin.

WordPress minor updates (security and maintenance versions) are pre-installed and you cannot disable them from the dashboard. However, you can enable updates for major releases by following these steps:

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You can also manage WordPress updates with the wp-config.php file. However, you have to be very careful and add the line of code correctly. Use the FileZilla FTP Client to access the wp-config.php file. Follow these steps:

Note: The wp-config.php file is one of the main and most important data files for your site, including database connections and passwords. Even one change can break your site, so be careful when editing.

Another way to manage automatic WordPress updates that is useful for developers is through API filters. WordPress offers several filters that allow users to manage updates.

We can automate autoadro, plugins, themes and translation file with auto_update_core, auto_update_theme, auto_update_plugin and auto_update_translation filters.

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The best practice is to add API Filters to the Must-Use plugins folder located in public_html > wp-content. These plugins are not visible in the WordPress plugins screen, so they cannot be accidentally disabled or deleted by site administrators.

Many WordPress plugins allow you to enable automatic updates on your WordPress sites, such as Easy Update Manager, Update, Companion, Auto Update, and more. Let’s take a look at a plugin – Easy Update Manager and see how it works.

A simple update manager can disable and enable all updates with one click. You can deeply customize your auto-update settings, set up email notifications, and more.

Tired of manually updating your WordPress site and want an automated system that performs updates without risk or error? SafeUpdates is the answer to all your website update problems.

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SafeUpdates automates the WordPress update process, simplifies maintenance, and lets you detect, test, and deploy updates. What’s more, this revolutionary feature can be purchased for less than $2 per month per app.

Once you enable SafeUpdates in your app, WordPress will actively monitor your app for updates. After starting the updates, SafeUpdates performs the following steps to ensure that the updates are safe and error-free:

Enabling and configuring SafeUpdates is easy for users. Here’s how to automate WordPress updates in minutes with SafeUpdates:

The update process will start, but you can run the site in the background and it does not require stopping.

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Scheduling software updates takes the hassle out of manually updating everything by showing the true power of SafeUpdates. Here’s how to set up automatic updates.

The third and last tab under SafeUpdates is History, which shows the history of updates (preferred/invalidated) performed by SafeUpdates.

You may also disable or terminate SafeUpdates at any time through the Platform. Follow these steps:

Turning off automatic updates is a click away on the platform with SafeUpdates. But if you don’t use SafeUpdates, you can turn off automatic updates on your WordPress sites in two ways: using plugins or code.

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Despite the security benefits of automatic WordPress updates, these updates can break your running site. Therefore, you need to know how to disable automatic updates in WordPress so as not to break your site.

First, I showed you how to use the wp-config.php file to enable automatic updates. You can turn off automatic updates by following these steps and changing the code shown below:

You can also turn off updates using Filters. If you want to disable theme and plugin updates, add the following filters to the theme’s functions.php file:

Another way to turn off automatic WordPress updates is to use a plugin. To automate updates, I’ll use the same plugin I used before: Easy Update Manager.

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Note: It is not recommended to disable all updates. Instead, explore each option, including core WordPress updates, plugin updates, and theme updates, and adjust each one accordingly.

You can save yourself from all the manual steps of updating your WordPress site and automatically update your main site, themes and plugins with SafeUpdates. SafeUpdates is an affordable, fast and secure WordPress hosting. Do you have any questions? Feel free to post in the comments below.

Yes. WordPress automatically installs new thumbnails for your site to increase security. However, you should configure the basic automatic updates option.

You can also use plugins, such as the Easy Updates Manager plugin, that allow you to turn off automatic updates.

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Maintaining your WordPress, plugins, and themes is critical to the security, performance, and functionality of your website. Here are the general guidelines:

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While it is not possible to completely disable Windows 11, you can temporarily pause the update for a week. If you want to disable updates permanently, you can change the automatic update policy through Group Policy or the Registry.

After completing these steps, Windows 11 will stop downloading updates to your computer for at least a week or until you click Continue with updates.

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Alternatively, you can prevent the automatic download of updates by adjusting the Windows Update settings through Group Policy. However, you can use these steps only on Windows 11 Pro as the Home edition does not have this tool.

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After following these steps, Windows Update will not automatically install system updates in Windows 11. However, you can manually check for updates through the Settings app.

If you change your mind, you can revert the changes and enable automatic updates again by following the same instructions, but in step 5, select the “Not configured” option.

If you have Windows 11 Home, you can disable updates using Registry Editor. Check out this video to find out how.

Alternatively, you can turn off automatic updates for Windows 11 Home or Pro from the Registry. However, modifying system files can damage the installation if not done correctly. It is assumed that you know what you are doing and have backed up your computer first. Use these steps at your own risk.

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After completing these steps, Windows Update will automatically download updates for Windows 11. However, you can check for updates when needed through the Settings app.

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