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Auto Accident Lawyers Madison Wi – The Madison car accident lawyers at Boller & Vaughan are committed to helping accident victims move forward after experiencing a serious accident. We understand the challenges our clients face and are passionate about helping them recover the compensation they deserve for their physical, financial and emotional losses.


If you have been injured in a car accident, experienced attorneys Matthew Boller and Michele Vaughan can help.




Auto Accident Lawyers Madison Wi

Drivers in Madison are no strangers to car accidents. From busy city streets to major highways like I-39 and I-94, accidents cause traffic disruptions every day.

Auto Accident Attorney Madison Wi

Car accident victims are often unsure of what to do after a collision. The two biggest points of uncertainty are: (One). Should I see a doctor? And (2). Should I hire a lawyer?

Generally, the answer to both of these questions is “yes.” Even if paramedics treat and treat you at the scene, you should still go to the emergency room as soon as possible after the accident. The importance of timely medical intervention is twofold. First, emergency rooms have the equipment and resources to perform more detailed diagnoses, and emergency physicians can provide more comprehensive care. Second, receiving treatment creates a record of your injuries from the accident.

After a car accident, your health is your top priority. The next important step is protecting your legal rights.

If the accident caused minimal damage to your vehicle and you suffered no or only minor injuries, there is no need to seek legal advice. However, if you have suffered serious injuries in a car accident, it is best to consult with a car accident lawyer at Boller & Vaughan as soon as possible.

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Traffic jams are a normal part of life in Madison. It is impossible to know exactly what the driver of another vehicle is thinking or doing behind the wheel. With this in mind, it is in every driver’s best interest to always use caution, drive defensively, wear seatbelts, and take other steps to make travel crash-free.

Unfortunately, your best efforts to stay safe on the road can be undermined by the careless actions of other drivers. The most common causes of car accidents seen in and around Madison are:

One of the main causes of distracted driving is cell phone use, especially texting. However, other activities such as talking on the phone, eating, drinking, talking to passengers, or listening to the radio can also distract drivers and increase the risk of a traffic accident. Another potential distraction is turning away from the road at the scene of an accident (rubber bump), which can ultimately lead to a separate crash.

Driving faster than the speed limit reduces vehicle control and makes stopping difficult. Speeding is a factor in more than a quarter of road fatalities, according to the National Road Safety Agency.

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Speeding and distracted driving aren’t the only reckless actions drivers can commit behind the wheel. Reckless driving can take many forms, from not looking over your shoulder when changing lanes to ignoring traffic signals, other vehicles, and pedestrians when crossing an intersection.

Aggressive behavior behind the wheel, also known as road rage, can end in tragedy. Aggressive drivers may weave in and out of traffic, chase other vehicles, or (in extreme cases) try to run other drivers off the road.

Drowsy or tired driving is an often overlooked factor in car accidents. Lack of sleep has similar effects to alcohol consumption. Tired drivers have longer reaction times, poor judgment, and can even cause accidents by falling asleep at the wheel.

Abusing alcohol and drugs before getting behind the wheel is a serious crime. In addition to the criminal charges that can result from drunk driving, drunk drivers can also be held liable for damages resulting from accidents they cause.

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The causes of some accidents are relatively easy to identify. If you see a vehicle going faster than another vehicle and that driver collides with your vehicle, it is very easy to say that the other driver’s speed and negligence caused the accident. If the at-fault driver attempted to brake suddenly before crashing into you, scene evidence, such as skid marks, will need to support this conclusion.

But not all accidents are over. A detailed accident investigation may reveal negligence or wrongdoing by more than one party.

For example, in the case of an accident involving a truck, a review of company records may reveal that the driver was incompetent or the truck was improperly maintained. In such cases, the freight company and other third parties may be held liable.

The car accident lawyers at Boller & Vaughan carefully gather all relevant evidence and review all the facts to determine how the collision occurred and who was at fault. Communicating these key elements of your claim is essential to receiving full and fair compensation.

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Ask for help now! Your first consultation with a lawyer is free. During your consultation, we will evaluate the merits of your case and give you our honest opinion on whether it is worth it. Free advice on common car accident issues

Even a slight impact to the bumper can cause whiplash, joint and soft tissue damage. A serious car or truck accident can leave victims with broken bones, burns, brain problems, and other serious injuries. In many cases, insurance claims do not fully compensate for the financial consequences of these injuries. An attorney can explain your options for seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Many car accidents result in brain injuries, especially traumatic brain injuries (TBI). According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), these injuries can have serious consequences. In 2020, approximately 176 Americans died from TBI-related injuries every day. These types of injuries also resulted in more than 223,000 hospitalizations in 2019.

The Mayo Clinic says TBI is usually caused by a hard blow or blow to the body or head. A concussion is a mild form of TBI that is often associated with symptoms such as:

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Symptoms of TBI, especially mild ones, do not always appear immediately. It is very important to see a doctor after a car accident (even a minor accident) so that brain injuries can be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Spinal cord injuries are also common in Madison car accidents. As with traumatic brain injuries, severity and long-term consequences can vary. Minor spinal cord injuries can heal completely, but severe injuries can lead to partial or complete paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are often classified according to the area of ​​the spine that is affected. The cranial spine is the area from the base of the skull to the base of the neck. The thoracic spine refers to the area from the top of the shoulders to the middle of the back. Below that is the lumbar spine, and the sacrum is the part of the spine that extends from the lower back to the tailbone. The spine is the four vertebrae located below the coccyx.

One study of spinal cord injuries from automobile accidents found that most injuries involved the vertebrae (lower back). More than 86% of crash victims with spinal cord injuries were drivers, with rollover accidents being the most common cause of spinal cord injuries.

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Like head injuries, spinal cord injuries are not always visible. It is important to seek medical attention after a car accident.

Whiplash is often misunderstood because the damage it causes to the soft tissues of the neck does not show up on x-rays and other common medical tests. This type of injury can result in a TBI even if the car accident did not result in a direct blow to the head.

Symptoms of a neck injury may not appear immediately after the accident. In some cases, it takes several months to appear. For some patients, the pain associated with whiplash lasts for years.

Many of these injuries can cause chronic pain and reduced mobility. Back injuries can also lead to further health problems later in life.

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As the name suggests, soft tissue injuries involve the “soft” parts of the body, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For example, an ankle sprain is a soft tissue injury caused by overstretching of the ankle ligaments. Muscle and tendon strains are examples of soft tissue injuries, as are bruises. Whiplash injuries are another common soft tissue injury.

Many car accidents result in soft tissue injuries that cause pain, swelling, and stiffness. This is usually caused by the high forces experienced by vehicle occupants during a collision, including the force of seat belts and/or airbags. Because x-rays typically do not show soft tissue injuries, doctors often use a CT scan or MRI to diagnose these injuries.

Car accident victims often sustain shoulder injuries due to the force of seat belts or airbags. Additionally, some accidents can cause vehicle occupants to drop windows, windshields, or dashboards, resulting in injuries from the impact. Common shoulder injuries include collarbone, scapula, and humerus fractures. Traffic accidents can also cause shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff damage.


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