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Auto Accident Attorney Colorado Springs Future Tech – Vadim Nekrasov, community affairs officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department. The interior of an abandoned vehicle on North Cascade Road is being investigated as Nob Hill Tow truck driver Patrick Pattengill investigates. Preparing to tow it on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, Nekrasov labeled the car as fake. Last Week’s Temporary License (The, Christian Murdoch)


The car owner is responsible for paying for the car. The law can shift that responsibility to the property manager or landlord.




Auto Accident Attorney Colorado Springs Future Tech

An abandoned car reported last week was stuck to the side window of a parked car on North Cascade Road, Tuesday, May 30, 2023. (The, Christian Murdock)

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Vadim Nekrasov, community affairs officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department. The interior of an abandoned vehicle on North Cascade Road is being investigated as Nob Hill Tow truck driver Patrick Pattengill investigates. Preparing to tow it on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, Nekrasov labeled the car as fake. Last Week’s Temporary License (The , Christian Murdoch) Christian Murdoch/The

A focused approach to tackling long-term parking on public streets has proven successful since the city took action in March. Less than 10% of vehicles have been impounded or ticketed so far. Colorado Springs officials said Tuesday.

On March 1, the Colorado Springs Police Department took control of the Colorado Springs Police Department by giving officers the authority to stop traffic tickets. Or tractors parked on village roads for more than 72 hours, Mitch Hammes said. District project manager.

He said that the new plan gives the local police more time to solve the public’s security problems. More tense than before.

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“Homework can … deal with things that are not urgent … We have time to invest in the front, go with people, teach and have those conversations. Try to think about effective solutions. Instead of just coming to Batara and throwing. Posters on (cars) and seize,” he said.

Colorado Springs police are also responding to reports of people living in parked vehicles. On the public road.

The car owner is responsible for paying for the car. The order may transfer the project to the property manager or property owner Christian Murdoch, File.

Since March 1, the new four-man enforcement team has processed about 973 calls for abandoned vehicles across the city, about half of those cases. The car was gone when law enforcement arrived, Hammes said, in about 425 cases where the team contacted the car’s owner. They will hold only 25 or 26 tickets on the bus.

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“(That) tells me we’re doing a good job. They’re taking the time to educate them and fix the problem. Instead of using a penalty system. It’s too expensive for us to own a car,” Hames said. .

The city charges $46.75 for parking and $30 per day for parking. According to information provided by the Colorado Springs Police Department. If you need to tow the vehicle, the city charges $90 per hour per tow truck.

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It is important for officials to educate the public about parking regulations. That means enforcement teams won’t have to go back and forth to fix problems in the same area or with the same car owner, Hammes said.

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Vehicles that have been on the road for more than 72 hours without movement can be affected. It can “significantly” affect the quality and well-being of the surrounding area. He said, therefore, a long-term solution is necessary.

“In our village there are narrow roads. If there is a blockage in the car that makes the feeling of congestion … when you are on the ground that So we try to keep the cars going and try to make them work,” he said.

Most of the calls Hammes’ team responds to are simple cases. Unconsciously, he said. Many people do not know that they are breaking the law by parking on the street for 72 hours if they know the law. He said many times, they don’t know that the parked car is causing problems with the neighbors.

A car that was abandoned last week was reportedly stuck to the side window of a parked car. at North Cascade Street Tuesday, May 30, 2023 (The, Christian Murdock) Christian Murdock/The

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Hammes advises neighbors to communicate frequently to build understanding and resolve potential issues.

“If (neighbors) can talk to each other, I find that it often leads to a lot of bad things. When the city shows and acts according to the law. Sometimes this results in … rude and slightly hostile behavior. If you know that your neighbors are not afraid to talk to them – that’s the best result,” he said.

Residents can submit city complaints or land use complaints to the Colorado Springs Department of Human Services by phone at 719-444-7891 and online at or through GoCOS! Application or web page at

© Copyright 2024 The Colorado Springs, L.L.C., 30 East Pikes Peak Ave., Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your privacy options Motorcycle accidents can be deadly. And the meeting back is more frequent. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), 20% of motorcycle fatalities are related to accidents, and another 18% were head accidents. Survivors often have injuries that can have lasting effects. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the past in In this article, we will look at the injuries that affect these types of accidents. And what you can do after the accident

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• Whiplash: This is the most common injury in a car accident. including motorcycle accidents. This type of injury occurs when the head and neck are hit backwards and turned suddenly due to a loud noise from behind. Symptoms include pain, stiffness and headaches.

• Back injury: In case of back injury. The driver’s spine can be broken or fused. This can result in serious back injuries such as herniated discs or spinal fractures. These injuries can be serious and may require surgery for proper treatment. Back pain is often permanent.

• Traffic Light Switch: A type of injury that occurs when a rider lands on a hard surface after being thrown from a bicycle. It can cause severe burns and open sores that take weeks or months to heal.

• Fractures: The force of a rear-end collision can cause a driver to break a bone in the arm, leg, hand, foot, or face. It depends on the severity of the fracture. Some may need extensive medical care and rehabilitation before being able to return.

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• Broken legs: Rear-end collisions can cause serious damage. This leads to the elimination of stress that can damage or destroy your organs. The sudden loss of a leg can be life-changing. This is because you have to deal with both physical and emotional changes.

1. Seek immediate medical attention – even if you are not injured immediately after the accident. It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. This is because some injuries may not appear until later in life.

2. Gather Evidence – Prepare future insurance claims and legal proceedings. It’s a good idea to take pictures of your motorcycle and the visible damage at the scene of the accident, and a written record of the evidence is useful for insurance companies and lawyers. If the police are there make sure you get a copy of the report.

3. Contact your insurance company – after you have all the evidence. Tell your insurance company about the incident. This is so they can start processing your claim and help cover any medical expenses. from your accident

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4. Contact a personal injury attorney – if you believe someone else caused your accident. Consider hiring a legal professional who specializes in personal injury law. This is so that you can help protect your rights and help with litigation if necessary. They can also advise you on the amount of compensation you may receive for any damages. Caused by the negligence or carelessness of others.

Our Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys have years of experience handling all types of motorcycle accidents. and will ensure that you are protected during the entire process. For a free personal review? Please contact Kanthaka Group at (719) 633-2222.

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